Loving Now

Where to begin? The most important person in your life is you. The most power you have is through this moment and  how you are being now. Your energy emanating from you is the ultimate power in your life. What you choose to think, feel, believe and act upon creates your reality, your energy flow. Your perceptions color your world. We always have choices. We get to choose our beliefs, why not choose loving, empowering ones?

My priority is love. How can I love now? What is most loving of me now? If I am listening to the voice of love, the logical heart of my soul, I will be guided without fail to the most loving thoughts, feelings, words and actions. With all the stimulus in my experience, how do I stay in tune and discern what is most loving? How do I hear my soul’s inner wisdom, the part of me that is tapped into the consciousness that knows all, that sees all, that feels all, that is all, that is love? What is true? What is real? What will bring me peace and bliss?

I begin with my beliefs which are repetitive  thoughts which cause feelings. Am I feeling anger, anxiety, resentment? Am I comparing, judging,complaining, criticizing? Am I in competition with everyone and everything, focusing on lack and hardship? Am I  believing that I am powerless, a victim of random fate and a harsh, cruel world? Do I believe people make me do and feel things, that it is everyone else’s fault, that I can’t help the way I am or the way my life is?  Do I feel victimized, worthless, guilty, hopeless and like I am never gonna see the light at the end of the tunnel? is my life a chaotic roller coaster of crisis and drama? Do these ways of being help me? Or anyone else?

Why not choose different thoughts and beliefs then? I have and it has changed my life. No it isn’t easy at first, but with practice it becomes easier, just like anything else. Really? I can choose to believe something different? But this is how it is, this is reality….I will be lying to myself and playing games with myself if I tell myself something that I don’t believe is true?

Is what I am believing really true? Those negative thought patterns, are they actually proven ,beyond doubt, to be true? I get creative and try to see my life from a more empowering, broader view. I recall situations that I now perceive differently in hindsight. Taking responsibility for my life by examining my beliefs objectively and deciding what I really want. Then make changes accordingly, gradually, being gentle and kind with myself. New choices/practices need repetition before becoming habit so it’s best to make only a few changes simultaneously.

I can believe that I am inherently worthy (as are we all) and that all that is required of me (or anyone) is to follow my bliss and that I am lovable and there is no competition because the universe is abundant and there is room for everyone and everything, freedom to expand and grow with every choice.I can believe that as an eternal being, I am always safe, free and embraced, that all is well. We may be experiencing different things, yet we are all free to choose our responses.

For example if I believe, “No one likes me, they give me the cold shoulder, do I stink or something?” I would first get honest with myself and look at my overall attitude and energy. Is it possible that I am sending out negative vibes, am I angry, thinking hostile thoughts and therefore people are unconsciously repulsed by my energy? Hmmm… What if I choose to believe that I am worthy, loved and choose to think positive, peaceful thoughts….would my energy and body language be different? Am I a person I would like? Am I pleasant and inviting? Would I wanna be friends with me? Do I love me? Do I wanna spend the rest of my life with me? Lol 🙂

Have you ever felt the energy of an audience or a crowd, like at a sporting event, concert, etc. Well we are all energetic beings and like energy attracts like energy. We unconsciously respond to someone’s energy or vibe, vibration. We naturally gravitate towards what is familiar (may not  necessarily be  healthy) , intriguing or pleasant. Some of our ways of being, our habits of thought we have been conditioned into without being fully consciously aware of the process. We have been influenced by parents, family, friends, experiences and society, ideally with healthy patterns. But most often it is a mixed bag. So instead of trying to rework everything why not keep the beliefs that are working and add new beliefs to replace those which are not promoting our best interests.

It is expected that if I am as healthy as possible, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually, then I will be living a purposeful, productive, joyful and loving life which will be of benefit to all. So why do we resist this responsibility?

We get in a rut. Resisting, crying “Waaahhhh, I don’t like this!” Yet not changing anything. This worked when a baby, if something happened you cried and someone rescued you. I still do this….”Wahhh” shouting “no!” That’s okay as long as I don’t stay there crying. I have to take care of myself and I can garner all the support I want in a healthy way.

Sometimes we can’t see a way out, aren’t willing, life is always knocking ,yet we are the only ones who can open the door. No matter how much we want to help someone, we can not until they are ready to allow a different way. And we have to trust and believe that life supports us in everything. We have free will to choose and life will put our choices into motion. The energy will flow wherever we focus our intentions. We are responsible for how we respond as adults. To allow the universal field/consciousness to optimally work through us we have to be open to the possibility that there is more to existence than what we can see, smell, touch, taste and hear. We can not see anything new if we are not open to the idea that we don’t know everything, that things may be possible that our limited human perspective can not comprehend and process. That there are yet undiscovered ways that life works, that there indeed may be something to this sixth sense, our spirituality, the possibility of cyclical existence, other dimensions and life forces.

Another way to free up my thinking is by knowing that we are eternal, no one ever truly dies, that we survive everything here. When we arrive back to the oneness, all is well and our lives here are a memory, a learning/growth adventure/experience, a mastering of creation. So everyone is ultimately safe, nothing to fear in the greater reality, so why not choose love as best as we can?

To discern what is not working all I have to do is pay attention to my feelings. The thoughts that make me feel bad are not healthy thoughts for the most part. Some thoughts go against love and feel bad to prevent us from acting upon them, like thoughts of killing. Those I would say are healthy to have 🙂 There are some common sense things that are supposed to feel bad to ensure  safety, but most are just fearful thoughts which are not based in reality. For example, I hear the phrase, “What will people think?” Believing that what anyone else thinks has any power over me? Who are these people anyway? Do they have control over me? Why do we believe in what other people think? What is there to be afraid of? Someone else’s thoughts? I always heard this while growing up and never understood who these people were and why it was so important to be careful about causing others to think?

Come to think of it, things that are not actually happening are made up, not real, yet.  So why be afraid of much of anything?  Why worry? And if something’s already happened that was unwanted, that doesn’t mean it will happen again? In fact the more we dwell upon something the more likely it is to happen, because that is how it works here. We create our experiences by focusing energy, our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, our beliefs drive our lives. and the world.

Yet it is natural to have negative and positive here,wanted and unwanted, it’s the nature of creation. If everything were the same there would be no room for growth or abundance. It is all inclusive, so in order to have more love flowing we have to focus on loving ways of being and our logical hearts always whisper to us. To hear this wise loving voice of reason we must have balance in our lives which means taking care of our energy. So that is why religions and also scientific studies support meditation/prayer, or quiet, solitude in order to keep connected to that broader source of well being, the part of us which keeps us healthy and on purpose. The loving oneness which animates, energizes and connects us all.

In meditation we stop thought and pay attention to breathing. In doing this the natural state of bliss and peace, the pure positive energy of love can flow unencumbered by fearful thoughts. We can hear this inner voice best when we take time to reboot in this manner, by getting still and quiet. Once we have some order of inner peace we can begin to disentangle ourselves from the unreality of fear. When anxiety provoking thoughts arise we can examine them with clarity instead of going on autopilot and reacting. There is space now to see a different way.

So the first step in loving now is to learn how to stay still, quiet, breathe, stop thought and meditate. Start slowly, keep trying.  I did walking meditations. Any time your thoughts wander, refocus again on breathing or an affirmation or mantra. Maybe do some visualizations while walking. I thought of all the people I loved in my whole lifetime and gave thanks for all the things I learned or joy shared with them and sent love to them, imagined hugging them and thought of all the things I was thankful for currently as well. This helped free up my “Waaah” attitude. I also focused on nature, the trees, the sky, the clouds, the wind, my bare feet against the silky dirt and cool grass. These days I run to get a clear signal and the natural endorphins potentiate my connection.

This opened the door for me, into self love through connecting with oneness which is the basis for allowing the highest joy to flow and grounding us in the true reality of the logical heart. And with practice, willingness to surrender, being  open to change, to love, the universe will show you tangible evidence that we are eternal and powerful. Gracing  you with a gnosis of the brilliant light and oneness that we are. Showing how magnificently we are infinitely loved and never alone. That everything is working with us, not against us. And after this realization, awareness, awakening, life will change from shades of grey to a full intensity spectrum of every color imaginable. A sense of wonder, magic and innocence will return. A chance to begin again, with new possibilities by allowing for a force greater than this physicality. By loving now 🙂

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Michelle Miyagi
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