Relentlessly Revealing Love

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Seeking help in implementing healthier practices requires trial and error. Intuition is a trustworthy accomplice and guide. Once we find a method that works, we may often meet roadblocks where another method must be tried. As we practice new habits and release old ones, inevitably another issue is arises which needs a novel form of attention in order to promote health and to find relief. A constant unveiling ensues because we are always having new experiences and growing, which requires fresh ways of coping/being. With constant awareness in the present moment in choosing what we are thinking, feeling, being, doing, we can eventually reach heightened levels of joy and love. It can become a natural flow. Choosing perspectives that promote forgiveness, revealing the innocence of pure love, which is the truth of us all.

We are always changing and becoming because of living in these physical bodies and world. Nothing stands still except for the timelessness within our logical hearts, our centers, the unconditional love which is the wellspring of everything. The practical/physical must work in sync with the spiritual and the intellectual. We must continuously reach for improvement, releasing the ways of being which no longer serve us. By letting go of limiting ideas, thought patterns, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that hinder the flow of inspiration and love. Practicing and refining as we go until we form more beneficial patterns. Until we have adopted habits that allow more freedom to be true to ourselves, which supports more of what we desire and allows our innate talents to flow. Releasing us from our cages of fearful conditioning resulting from life’s adversities.

Allowing unfettered flow from the timeless, steady core of our beings. Our true essence which is connected to the wisdom of the universe and all that is our logical hearts, the God within, the depths of our souls, our truth… our oneness arises by relentless unveiling and releasing of the barriers of fear we have unwittingly invoked in reaction to this diverse human experience. Eventually, we find a lighter path where the shadowy fears are illuminated away by love. Our logical hearts shine brilliantly and amplify with each soul as we release our fears, revealing the loving truth within every one of us, the infinite light of love that we truly are.

Meditation always amplifies our connection with truth. Quiet and solitude promote clarity, self-reflection, and revelation. Simplifying, allowing restful days, and communing with nature. Spending downtime. Making space to care for self, to meet one’s own consciousness, which is connected to all, without outside interference, is a requirement. Asking if there are any aspects causing undo chaos, stress, consternation, drama in life…. are they really necessary? Letting go of those things which are not serving peace, sanity, cohesion, unity, and love.

Prioritizing our day-to-day activities according to what matters most and also to decide what we allow to get under our skins. Pet peeves? Get rid of them. They are not worth the energy wasted. Decide what is important enough to stop your flow… most everything that we fret over is “small stuff.” Really, does this matter in the grand scheme? Is criticizing and judging everything helping? Do I allow this to frustrate me, or can I accept that we all behave differently and there is diversity? Why not embrace it and revel in the abundance and freedom to have everything under the sun here? Why not allow everything external to be, how it is, and focus on where we have the most power… focus on ourselves and how we are showing up? Focusing on our own levels of joy, taking care of our inner beings, aligning ourselves with whatever works for us to flow the highest love from within.

So the showerhead is not in the position I left it, just adjust it. Do I have to make it an issue and instruct others to reposition it after they’re done? Why not gladly reposition it myself, with no mention of it. Little things which add up? Why allow little things to get in the way? Why compete with anyone? Why try to control anyone? Why whine, judge, and complain? Why make excuses? Why place blame? When I think about it, I realize that trying to force my external environment to be exactly how I think it should be is a lost cause and ends up controlling me. I have to let everything go and be free to focus on me and what I am allowing to flow from me. I have to be the source of love, peace, and harmony that I am so wanting in my experience.

Employing methods like positive affirmations, stopping thought, deep breathing, appreciation/gratitude. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, counseling, EFT, yoga, personal growth methods, educating ourselves on healthy ways of relating, positive thought, nonviolent conflict resolution, anger management, holistic alternative methods, optimal nutrition/fitness, critical thinking, parenting skills, human development, and psychology, sociology, spirituality, getting support from others… learn and practice whatever works. Attending to mind, soul, and body? Being of service to all by being your best self. We are all in this together. Sounds wonderful to me!

What about the big scary things we lie about? The things we don’t wanna face? The aspects we deny and avoid because it is too difficult, painful, and we are afraid of conflict, of change, of the unknown. Afraid of facing the pain. Afraid of being accountable for ourselves. Not wanting to be “the bad guy.” Afraid of losing control. Our pride gets in the way. Or we are too self-absorbed to see any perspective but our own? Maybe we are not even consciously aware of our own “issues.” If anyone tries to address problem areas in our relationships, maybe we are threatened and become defensive and attack the messenger? We avoid accountability and become stuck in a perpetual pattern because we are unable or refuse to see that we are doing it to ourselves? Refusing to change, holding onto what we have always done, even if it is causing pain and suffering? Telling the same old painful stories from the past, re-victimizing ourselves again and again? Does this really work? Why not accept responsibility and heal, change what we are perpetuating by our unconscious, repetitive, damaging behavior?

It all boils down to fear. And for me, I am constantly processing fears. I have also realized that my life experiences will always allow me the chance to release these unconscious veils of fear. Every painful experience is an opportunity to release fears and to choose differently. I see I must choose the spiritual over the physical because the physical is temporary, and the spiritual is eternal. Yet…if I do not respect, love, and revere my physical body, I get into trouble….so it is a balancing act. I know now that I have to treat our bodies as one with spirit as well. To be fully loving, we can not ignore the physical aspects of our beings. I want to be limitless and not take care of my body, thinking it should just do everything I want it to do, that my mind and spirit are above all and the body is irrelevant. Not true, so it seems.

Being in this body feels vulnerable and I fear for its physical safety, yet is this valid? It can be harmed and if I don’t take care of it, I get sick? Or does it all boil down to my beliefs, my fears? I haven’t been able to will everything into a physical reality, so there are a lot of beliefs that I would have to reprogram in order to be how I really wanna be? So for me, the most reasonable way to go about it is to be easy and relaxed about it all. To keep what is truly working while discarding or changing what isn’t. To accept that I have to work within certain physical confines.

The things I am most afraid of and the unwanted experiences which arise are areas I need to improve upon. All I need to do is pay attention to those thoughts that cause me anxiety. To consciously change my perspectives, ways of coping, and to release whatever anger, resentments, and frustrations I have consistently, as they show up. My greatest power is my level of peace. The energy that I am flowing is the most powerful force and will affect everything. I am the change that is needed. No one can do this for me. There is abundant help/love/support, but I am the only one who can do it. We all have this same access to this inner power. We all must be responsible, relentless in revealing our true nature.

For example, I have a fear of not being able to provide for my family. I often fall into the trap of worrying, defaulting to the scarcity & competition mindset. I then struggle and overwork myself, convincing myself that I can make everything work. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I tell myself I can catch up on rest later, just this one last stretch and that will get me back to where I am comfortable, where everyone is taken care of. In the meantime I am burning out, my health suffering, the joy leached from me, too tired…at what cost? I become fatigued and can’t keep track of everything, then aches and pains show up in my body, my energy depleted. Where’s the love? I have succumbed to fear again. Thankfully, I am paying attention and I now am resting, taking care of myself, and have found the more relaxed, the more everything flows.

I have to include myself in the ones I love, have to love me so I can be here to love everyone else. I recently had the chance to work even more overtime than I already do…it was tempting, but I turned it down. I figure I can always make more money eventually, but if I overwork myself into illness, then what? The more I take care of myself, the more abundance readily flows into my experience. It’s really counterintuitive because we are so action-based, but it is really an energetic universe.

If I am being peaceful, appreciative and loving, trusting and believing that all is well, and I forgive and release my fears, then follow the inspirations of my logical heart… miracles happen. I know this yet still become afraid and revert to fearful practices. I regress into old ways of thinking and coping, denigrating myself, being disillusioned, and engaging in habits I thought I had rid myself of, like emotional eating. I lose faith and trust in myself and everyone else when painful things happen and wish I could escape somehow. Then I am met with love and always choose to get back on the saddle and do the work of healing, forgiving, rebuilding my self-worth, trusting, and believing again bit by bit. From what I’ve seen, none of us are exempt from this process.

Our experiences are always for our benefit. The unconscious is made conscious. When shit happens, it is our chance to learn the lesson, forgive and choose differently. A chance to wake up, to change, to reveal love. To align with love in thought, feeling, word and deed. To choose to see the beauty and innocence in everyone and everything. To let go of all that binds us, the lies we tell ourselves. To choose to believe in our eternal selves, the brilliant love, our oneness. This is all temporary. We can’t take it with us, our bodies die, so what’s real? We all create what’s real for us by our choices. Why not choose to be love? Every day I am, we are love… even when all seems lost, nothing can destroy love, so all is well always…fear hides us from the truth. Playing hide and seek with love… relentlessly revealing ever more love and home.

Michelle Miyagi
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