Getting Nowhere Fast? Take a Breather for a Surprise!

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Got drama? Or controlled chaos, heh. Or maybe no matter what you try, or how hard you work, you can’t make headway in certain aspects of your life? When bills are looming, debt, taxes,   health check ups long overdue, mail/housework piling up and you are working and working, yet have little to show for it? And meanwhile your health and sanity are suffering, no time to enjoy, too weary to appreciate life? Maybe it’s time to try something different. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize, but you’re so exhausted, you can’t think straight. Yet afraid to stop because the walls may come crashing down? On the surface the concrete, practical step would be to keep on going, plugging away as best you can because things need to be taken care of, right?

There comes a point though where it becomes evident that  continuing in this fashion is committing  a slow, insidious suicide. What to do?

What if you keep going through jobs, keep trying your best, yet things keep happening until you wonder if maybe this isn’t the way to go? You keep meeting with conflict and wonder if maybe this line of work just isn’t jibing with you after all? It seems like a waste because you’ve got a degree, a license and years of work invested, only to discover it’s not working out? Maybe you have a college degree that has proven to be virtually useless, unable to get employment in your field , you have other work, yet the pay is insufficient and you haven’t even started paying your student loans yet? Maybe you’re a single parent, keep working overtime, multiple jobs and you end up in a higher tax bracket, you’ve cut costs, yet the debt is increasing, you’re still living paycheck to paycheck?

When things aren’t working out and we’re stuck, it seems the last thing we need to be doing is taking a break? That’s too scary, who’s gonna take care of everything? What will happen? I have to take care of my responsibilities!

If I don’t take care of me though, then I won’t be well enough to take care of my responsibilities. May work myself into the grave and then what? And if I am not being loving of me, by taking care of me, then that sends the signal that I am not deserving, so it will be harder for good to flow to me because I am not even being good to me. I block the flow and resist the wonderful things available because I am getting in the way by struggling, by misusing myself, by being afraid to do anything different.

When do I say enough? Isn’t life to be enjoyed? What is most important? Yes, I want to live comfortably and want my loved ones nurtured in every way. Do I keep up the struggle because hard work and sacrifice is the path to success? If I take a step back and see from a wider lens, what really matters?  In my day to day existence what has meaning for me? What brings me joy? There are greater things which do not meet the eye that are far more valuable, that you can not measure concretely. Is the struggle really worth it? Am I able to enjoy my relationships, do I have energy to play, create, serve? Is what I am doing allowing more joy and love to flow?  Do I feel satisfied and energized by how I am spending my time? Am I able to give from an overflowing wellspring from the depths of my being with passion and joy? Or am I harried, shell shocked and depleted, guarding what precious little energy I have and overwhelmed at wit’s end? Am I in survival mode with blinders on? Am I living in fear, in resentment?  Or am I engaging in joyful celebration/revelation with others? Am I really living my best life? Am I fully present, vibrant and serving my highest potential?

No……I am afraid to stop plugging and clawing away…. because what will happen?

Fear of the unknown, the what ifs…I’m gonna end up being a bag lady living under the bridge 🙂 I’ll have to feed the kids cat food. I can’t count on anything but me. I can do it, I can keep being the hero 😀

Or not. What really happens when we begin letting go and taking care of ourselves comes as a surprise!  Miracles happen, everything begins falling into place, when we focus on our well-being and joy, the universe steps up in unfathomable ways. Unexpected opportunities, people, experiences, money all begin to appear when we create the ease, peace and space for things to flow into our awareness. When we take care of our own energy we can create from an inner reservoir of unlimited potential. In actuality everything created is an inside job. When we take care of our inner beings, then the force of the universe aligns with the magnified, amplified, focused signal we are emitting. Everything in alignment with our unified intention/desire/belief begins to flow with us. In order to take full advantage of these limitless possibilities we have to hone our energy and intuition for maximal awareness.

If I am dog tired, worried, frenzied…in panic mode…my diminished energy and shortsighted, fear based perspective will block the possibilities and opportunities from my view. I won’t be able to connect with all the wonder available because I am on another frequency altogether. I have backed myself into a corner with my nose to the wall. All because I am not taking care of me. Because I keep grinding away in a manner which is obviously not in my best interest and is plainly not working. Common sense, simple. It’s just that we have been trained to view the world in a topsy turvy  way, focusing on the outside world, when everything flows from our inner world. We get to choose what shows up in our reality for the most part by our habitual energetic patterns, our preferred modes of thought, belief, feeling, actions. Actions are just the tip of the iceberg.

When we take time to relax, to rejuvenate, to daydream, exercise, meditate, sleep, eat right, to have down time, to breathe deeply, to surrender, to trust, to just be and then act upon our inspirations from this blissful space…then SURPRISE! Miracles abound when we have faith and realize that this is a loving, supportive reality. The universal  forces will support whatever energy we are flowing, so isn’t it better to practice methods of being which are loving and freeing? Isn’t it more beneficial to work through our negative states of being, by being responsible and healing ourselves, letting go, forgiving and appreciating all the beauty that is always staring us smack dab in our faces every day we wake up? Instead of worrying, complaining, feeling unworthy and attacked, doesn’t it make more sense to keep centering our lives around joy? In the now. Being surprised by how much we are able to enjoy right now?

Like this Pumpkin coffee I am deliciously sipping on now?

By taking a breather, I come back to what’s real and true. I can see clearly and everything I am wanting, is able to connect in harmony with my loving way of being in the most astounding, ineffable ways. SURPRISE! 😀 The universe wants what I want, no matter what I think I see out there…the universe responds to what I am in here, inside me. My logical heart connects me to the oneness. I am connected to everything and get to choose what flows into my field by my energetic frequency of being. Taking care of me enables me to tune into the universal frequency of love through my logical heart. I must become laser sharp in my focus to provide the clearest signal thereby promoting the highest love/good to manifest in my life.

Thing is…it feels so foreign to just relax, to rest, to treat yourself with tlc when you’re used to running on nitro 🙂 Yeah, going hard and fast may get you to the finish line first, but in what condition? And do you get to relish the view along the way?

Funny how we can’t wait to get some rest, sleep, vacation… look forward to retirement, dream of freedom…yet it is hard for most of us when given the chance, to truly relax and be peaceful with clear, focused minds and beings. I know, myself, I start thinking of all the things I should be, could be doing and the to do lists reverberate in my head. I remember the aspects of life that are unsolved, the loose ends which I can’t seem to make headway on. I ruminate and relive frustrating situations in my mind which gets me off track. My brain wanders and fearful thoughts, anxieties float about. Then I start criticizing myself and put pressure on myself to hurry up and get over it already, to stop being a baby and walk my talk, because I know better 🙂 Not very effective is it?

Yeah, things are getting gradually better, yes I can see the progress…but I am uncomfortable and want  everything to be resolved asap, now, so I can feel free. Is that how it works here though? Isn’t there always something that we are working on? There are constant challenges in life because we love creating, we enjoy the diversity. Admit it, we all love a good story and if there are no challenges there are no inspiring stories and no juicy goodies to get creative with, to grow from. We are all designed to express ourselves to enjoy, share and love in every facet imaginable. But we try to stay safe, in one spot because we are afraid and don’t believe in our own internal, unlimited power. We live on autopilot, in survival mode, trying to control externals, because it’s what we’re used to and expect things to stay the same as always.

The truth is, the more we let go of the outer world and pay attention to our inner world and maintain our own energetic well being we come fully into our power which sets us free. Because when we learn how to maintain our own level of joy from within, then nothing outside of us can deter us from actualizing the loving creations we deeply desire. So it’s a good idea everyday to take a breather of some sort, to keep a solid connection to the source of power within. To choose to keep clear, loving thoughts which bring peace, joy and a lightness of being. And why not? It simply feels better anyway to believe the best about everything 🙂 When you take care of yourself, you are better able to make healthy, loving choices.

Now where’s my surprise, heh 😀  Oh yeah, Pumpkin coffee is a start. Yes, I shamelessly claim love and my dreams, because I am worthy as are we all. Let’s all love ourselves into creating and enjoying lives of our dreams. Take a breather, enjoy now. Everything has your back, it’s gonna work out if you let it <3

On the nitro road to nowhere? I’d rather take the scenic route, me 🙂



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Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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