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Downtime…dreaded when it comes to work and computers, but it is necessary to keep everything functional. I also resist downtime in my life. I don’t mean fun downtime, like watching a movie or having a nerf war. I’m referring to the times after I’ve been burning the candles at both ends, trying to create change or get through a challenging time. The last thing I want to do is stop and rest. I grumble that I have to stop and sleep during these periods of growth/upheaval. I want to be the energizer bunny and keep on until I get it the way I want it, as fast as I possibly can.

It’s a good thing to be motivated, responsible, efficient and productive. It’s wonderful to grow by leaps and bounds, to rise to the occasion and be the hero 🙂 That is, if you’re not sacrificing your health and functionality in the process. You see, we all have limitations, although from what I’ve been reading, the mantra is, “There are no limits, except those you impose upon yourself, abundance is yours if you allow, anything is possible.” Well…I guess this is not to be applied to all of physicality, because I do have my limits…spiritually, yeah, I get that, we need to believe to achieve, but we still have limitations. I can’t go 24/7 full throttle and expect to keep it up forever? At this point in time there are definite limitations and cycles, the ebb and flow of nature, of life. It’s due to these limitations that we have the chance to create. If there were truly no limits, we would all be resting in the bliss of oneness, of home. Here is where we do have opposites, gravity, seasons, life, death, everything, so yes, that is unlimited, the creativity is unlimited, but we still have to play by certain rules in order to survive.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, having downtime, dormancy to integrate, go within, reboot in order to build myself up again into a wiser more improved version with new programs online and now the fun can begin again. Just like plants and animals store up food/energy in the dormant winter so they can get all buck wild kicking it up and blossoming in the spring. We too are subject to the same patterns. While we’re in the frenzy of creation we don’t have the time to stop and reflect. Some things have to wait and then when we do finally reach that tipping point where we say enough already…then it hits us, because we were getting it done and didn’t have the luxury or chance to stop and rest….it hits like a ton of bricks when we finally stop to catch our breath. Usually it’s one thing that sends us over the edge, one last hope of help that suddenly doesn’t come through and we realize we’re done. Help is not coming and might as well rest up because nothing is working anyway. Because we are digging the hole deeper and deeper the faster, harder, more determined we are to make it work already…damn it! 😛

Inevitably we have to help ourselves by honoring, accepting, embracing our fragility, our vulnerability and help ourselves by taking care of ourselves. We are deserving of our reverence, care, devotion, love and must be as loyal to ourselves as we are to life. We are just as precious as any miraculous, beautiful creation on this earth and if we can’t give this loving care to ourselves then how is life gonna be able to support us… when we are not even being loving of ourselves? We become our own blockade to the help/support we’ve been desperately wanting.

By stopping and rebooting. We then can face the painful issues we’ve had to temporarily triage because more immediate concerns needed tending. Now that we have surrendered there is space to work on what lies beneath, the areas which have deepened by our intense efforts are fertile grounds for growth. We must tend to and nurture the seeds planted by our intense burst of creativity. Time to reflect and address the new areas unearthed, heal the tender places  of newfound awareness, dark places brought to light. Our passionate strivings exposing more of us to fully receive the sustenance of light. Reboot our souls by basking, soaking up the sweet, soothing, tenderness of surrendering to love… so delicate and tentative from the ravages of emergence.

Extreme self care is vital, yet we as a society value sacrifice, competition, busyness and keeping up appearances. We rely on the external to dictate our lives. We value things and achievements to somehow bring us joy. It almost seems like the busier you are, the more you sacrifice to achieve, the more you are respected. Martyrdom and external validation is valued above all?  All of the externals are ever shifting and temporary so we are constantly grasping, yet how to hold onto what is forever changing? Sometimes the only thing to help us, is to just stop and catch our breaths.

When we do this, we can hear the only thing that truly helps…the still voice within which always knows what’s best. The link to the internal which is constant and unwavering, the eternal, which is the only way to have consistent joy. And you know what’s funny? Life does not fall apart when we stop and take care of ourselves…it actually coalesces and gets better? I tend to forget this when the shit hits the fan, but eventually life causes me to remember again 🙂 And I am gradually getting better at this surrendering, going within, taking care of/loving myself. Learning to reboot more frequently to prevent glitches and the like 😀  To restore my true functionality, which is to live a joyful, loving life by being true to me. It’s more than okay to reboot, it is vital.

What are some ways you are gonna reboot today? Me, I’m having Thursday’s with Heidi tonight and I meditated, worked out and did EFT already today. Oh and ate healthily too 🙂 When I take care of me first, I can have clarity and energy to be here fully and joyfully for myself as well as others.  Please take time to reboot so we can have the best fun!!! Yay!!! 😀


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Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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