A meditation/visualization for Self Empowerment

The Logical Heart Knows Best

One day, just like any other day, you awakened, stumbling zombie-like to relieve yourself, and on your return through the loo doorway, you found yourself…somewhere else.

All behind had vanished, like in a dream. Not in Kansas anymore. Before you are a sweeping valley meadow with wildflowers & running streams surrounded by old-growth primordial trees and mountain vistas in the distance. The sky has low elongated gray-bottomed cumulus clouds against a brilliant cerulean sky, the sun middling, glowing in an ethereal half-light. You feel buoyant, the warm sun-kissed air gently billowing & caressing your eager skin. You inhale deeply the fragrant honey clover aroma & are dazzled in awe.

You notice the great tree nestled near the stream front & center, it is glorious with large verdant leaves shimmering against the smooth ashen bark. It has a large level area in the middle as if it were grown to be a cupping hand, there is a spiraling staircase around the trunk luring you. You step tentatively & discover you are nearly weightless, feet barely skimming the luxurious carpet of grass. Effortlessly ascending… the wind increases & the leaves make a tender swooshing melody & there is a faint thrumming sound punctuated by crystalline tinkling as if minuscule freezing rain is shattering upon glass.

At the last of the ascent, you feel a sudden warmth welling from your midsection & suffusing you radiating throughout you. There before you is a plush circle of velvety cushiony lichen, the fragrance is exotic, sweet, and overpowering. You carelessly fling yourself into the living mattress, ahhhhhh…exquisite. A sense of belonging & peace pervades your being.

The warmth is heightening when you feel a presence, you feel another beside you & it is what you have longed for all your life though you have never met, you just know this is the epitome of love. It is your guardian you realize, you just know it. The other miraculously merges with you.

It is an all-encompassing, brilliantly dazzling euphoria filling you & expanding you connecting you with everyone & everything, it is you.

You are the universe.

There is nothing but a blinding explosion of warmth, light & love.

Every good feeling you’ve ever felt magnified & amplified beyond description.

You are pure bliss.

The joy & relief you experience is amazing. You know your truth. You are beautiful, worthy, loved beyond measure & never alone.

You can do no wrong.

You are flooded with the knowledge of the universe. You have been reunited with the essence of you, separated in physicality only by your fear.

You have found your truth.

You have the power to become anything you desire because you are the universe.

All the pain, the fear the rage, the unforgiveness is released, you surrender to the gnosis. The pain & fear is only experienced in order for you to choose, so you may partake in creation.

The universe wants what you want because it is inseparable from you.

You are eternal.

You feel as if you have been created anew, healed & transformed, ready to begin again with a higher awareness. You have forgiven, surrendered to your truth as an eternal, powerful creator, and are ready to embrace your expanded reality.

This place you keep in your heart, it is not governed by time & is always accessible, a love ever-flowing, all you need do is ask & allow.

You see a door leading back & you know you must return, yet are ever thankful & excited about the boggling realm of possibilities. You arrive with a replenished vigor, primed & ready for the next adventure.
If I were magic, I would wish this for everyone.
Thinking of you. 😀

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Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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