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IMG_8292I’m working on revitalizing my life. Over the next year I want to develop consistent habits and lay the groundwork for a career transition where I’m my own boss. Over the next month I am challenging myself to incorporate a productive routine, effectively rebooting myself in hopes of increasing my energy, capacity, productivity and satisfaction.

I’ve reached a more stable point in my life situation where I can focus more on what I envision, instead of putting out multiple fires while keeping a roof over our heads. I am so thankful to finally catch my breath. I didn’t realize just how stressful it’s been, until now that it’s not, I can feel and know the vast difference between then and now. I got used to high octane stress being the norm, because it’s what was required of me. So happy for the space and peace of stability now.

I am taking advantage of this newfound time so I can build even more fulfillment and stability. I have decided on practicing these daily habits over the next month to build upon in future months. Step by step, until I have a whole new improved lifestyle.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Journal  I am writing 3 pages, stream of consciousness daily. I am reading and incorporating practices from Walking in this World by Julia Cameron. Instead of a weekly walk, I am walking around the lake at our complex daily. Nature is healing. I need nature to feel at peace, connected and whole. Journaling promotes clarity and connection with my truth. Whatever I may be repressing or denying tends to come out in journaling where I can release it, deal and heal. It’s good for my psyche.
  2. Exercise I am exercising at least 30 mins daily, have joined Planet Fitness as well. Exercise keeps all my systems in condition. Everything is better when I exercise, my mood, my mind and my body all benefit. The evidence is irrefutable. We need exercise, even if it is in a surreal gym with TV’s and music blaring and various contraptions we’ve developed to exercise us i.e. Planet Fitness. Whatever works 🙂
  3. Write I am writing in my blogs or books daily. Any amount of time is better than none at all. No more procrastination. No more waiting for the right time. Gonna just write something, even if it’s one sentence, it’s better than nothing. No more doubts and fears. If I want things to change, I have to take action and just explore, make mistakes, or else how will I figure anything out? How will I ever get to where I wanna be?
  4. Solitude I am spending at least 15 mins a day, doing nothing, by myself in quiet. Where it allows me to know it’s okay to just be, to meditate and connect with the universal energy more clearly. This seems easy, right? Ask any mom…not so easy, lol.
  5. Play This used to be a staple, no brainer for me, easy peasy. Not so much any more. These past 7 years have taken a toll on me, as massive life changes tend to do. That’s life, right? We all go through hardships. Sometimes it sucks the joy and spontaneity from you. Play helps us lighten up and remember that we’re also supposed to enjoy and have fun! Play opens our eyes to the possibility of life, like in childhood when we believed anything was possible. Well, it still is! Fantastic and wonderful things can happen for us all. Play helps me restore my faith in the magic and creativity of life. It helps me keep the spark of imagination and free spiritedness alive within me.
  6. Declutter When your life is destabilized, other things take priority, so clutter happens. When we moved last August, I did a major declutter, yay! There are still things left to go through and get rid of and everyday I see it. And it weighs on me as another thing on my to do list that exists in my head. So each day I will sort through something, even if it’s only a few pieces of mail, or even household tasks on that list in my head. If I do one thing a day, at the end of 30 days it’ll add up to a lot. And that weight hanging over me will be lighter. If I do this over the next year, then we’ll be pared down so our next move will be that much easier. Can’t wait for our exciting move next year! Yay!
  7. Raw Vegan/Hydration I’ve done a 30 day challenge of eating totally vegan raw in the past and ate mostly raw before, it was energizing. I feel so much better when I eat raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. So I am eating only one cooked meal a day and the rest raw. I hope to be mostly raw in the future, but I find it’s not as much fun, because I like variety, hot food in the winter and to try new foods. But I am already limited, being a vegan in Louisiana, so it’s really up to me, totally, on what I choose to eat. ( I think I like french fries too much 🙂 It’s hard to say no to Cane’s fries 🙂 )My thirst mechanism is less reliable with age, so I am being mindful of fluid intake, with a goal of 8 glasses a day. Mmmmm lemon water 🙂

So that’s my plan. I will post a follow up in August, yay! Here’s to a magnificent super summer reboot! I want results! I need results! I am doing this! 😀 Feel free to join in if y’all like! With your own routines or something like this one 🙂 Share your progress with me on Facebook! Yay! Super Summer Reboot for all! 😀 <3 <3 <3


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