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Please join me in finding ways to lighten up, energize and enjoy! Join my challenge! Please try this out and share your videos and selfies! I will be sharing every week fun, playful, simple ways to regain a sense of youthful exuberance and vitality! Release your inhibitions, be silly, laugh and shine your light! You can find me on YouTube and Facebook! I’m still warming up to the Instagram, will learn how to share more there too! More fun! Yay! 😀 <3 <3 <3

I came up with this idea because I wanted something fun and simple to boost my energy.

I unexpectedly had time on my hands. I lost my job in March 2018, I’d been there for 13 years. I chose to embrace it as an answer to my prayers. Since October 2010 my life became a whirlwind of change and transformation. I stretched and expanded beyond what I believed I was capable of.  I feel like mountains live inside of me now.

It’s currently April 17, 2019. I meant to supplement these video posts with written posts, but the whirlwind continued.

Losing my job in 2018 was just what I needed. Funny how the universe works 🙂 I’d been so exhausted over the years that I’d dream of, achingly long for time off. Not just a few days or a week, but months or even a year! I was that worn out. Some days I didn’t think I could keep it up anymore, I just wanted to rest. I’d wonder how I could somehow be able to take care of me, get healthy again, create the time and space before I developed more serious health problems as I had in the past.

Hadn’t I learned that lesson already?

But I couldn’t figure out how to pay my bills plus have time off to take care of me.

So the universe stepped in, as always 🙂

At first I was a bit panicky and lost. I considered my options, I applied for jobs, but there were few that I wanted. I was burned out and I didn’t want to go back to what was slowly chipping away at me. I sat down and wrote it out. What were my priorities and what was truly needed to do right by me and my family too.

I had a 401k and while researching how that worked, I discovered that if I wanted, I could cash it out. After careful consideration I did. I also got a PRN job so I could control how much I worked. I could tend to my health again, though it was a scary leap. We would have no health insurance in the meantime.

I figured that if I kept on like I’d been though, my health would worsen.  Or I’d be flat-out miserable. That’s not what I’d envisioned or wanted. The choice was mine.

So I chose me.

Some would call me selfish, I guess. Gasp. Not working? What do you do all day?

Better to be selfish than be a shell of myself or worse.

I rested and my spark began to return. I did Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred as a routine workout 🙂 Sometimes when jumping up and down I’d curse, my flesh jolting violently from the movement. I’d imagine that with each landing the earth was parting until eventually, me a walrus-manatee jack hammer would reach the center, startling the Morlocks, lol then I’d shoot back up on a volcanic eruption caused by the force of my fleshy impact, catapulting me into outer space 😉 …hey, it made me laugh instead of dropping f-bombs! Just try that 30 day shred, you’ll see what I mean 😛

My playfulness, joy, creativity and lightness of being began bubbling up again! I made videos to share in hopes that others would benefit from joining in too. It would be fun! With more space and renewed energy I was able to work more on my path with a heart, The Logical Heart Knows Best. It’s been my dream to help somehow, the way I wish I’d been helped when younger. What if we all shared our stories and what’s helped us with the world?

How would things change?

Sometimes it’s just one little shift that tips us into seeing the world in a different, more loving light. The knowledge we share may ignite one person, then they share with another, then another until all the sparks form a blaze which transforms our reality into more truth, connection, wholeness, love…more of what we really long for. Doing right by us all.

I listened to my logical heart and decided for certain that staying in Louisiana would only hold me back. I began planning our move, I had time and energy thanks to losing my job 🙂

My trust was restored and I saw yet again, that every challenge has a deeper meaning and benefit. I  could have chosen to work, work , work again…but that wasn’t really working out 🙂  I took a risk and it’s worked out better!

If I still had that job, I may have stayed in Louisiana to be near our son until he graduated college. Who knows? Empty nest has been emotionally difficult. I might have tried to delay it by staying comfortable with a secure job, there would have been less reason to leave.

The universe looked out for me, gave me options that I wasn’t aware of. And maybe just saved my life, literally. Because increasing staffing/safety issues and violence towards health care workers is life threatening. I no longer work in behavioral health nursing as of December because of that violence. Unfortunately money is the driving force in our health care/insurance system. Nurses bear the brunt. Nurses also get injuries from the physical demands even leading to disability. I care about our clients and want to help everyone heal, yet I want to live and be healthy too. It’s so heartbreaking when the unthinkable happens. My heart goes out to all of those who’ve suffered, been injured and even lost their lives to healthcare violence.

I still love taking care of people, but I’m continuing to work less as a nurse, because I believe I can help more people with The Logical Heart Knows Best. Plus it’s also more creatively satisfying, inspiring and healthy for me. More win-win than being a nurse.

The universe is nudging me to continue to take risks by supporting my path with a heart in surprising ways.

Who knew losing my job would be such a blessing?

I really CAN do what I want! The logical heart knows best!

Do right by you. You deserve to live your most loving life <3





Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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