365 Day Challenge 2020 Yay?

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Yikes! OMG! What am I getting myself into?!

I felt uneasy, hesitant and despite the weird feeling in my stomach, I did it…I committed to a 365 day challenge for 2020.

Every day I will publish some form of creative content, along with some other members of Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Club who also committed to the challenge.

I blame Steve, he started it! He had to be a show off and say it was insane, but he’s gonna publish content every day in 2020, and asked…

Anyone else considering stepping up for a 365-day challenge for 2020? What feels insane or edgy to you… maybe too insane that you hesitate to share it? What would push you way out of your comfort zone but could also be hugely impactful or transformational if you actually did it? “

Hell, he even started early, so it’ll be 374 days total that he’s doing?! Monster! Always spouting off about transformation and positive ripples, blah, blah, blah… Lol ?

I figured if they’re up for it, I can do it too. So here I am!

Joining in a group challenge keeps me motivated knowing that I’m in good company. There’s that added social support, camaraderie and inspiration. We check in, share and encourage one another. I’ve made rapid progress since joining CGC! I am so thankful for being able to participate and hopefully create more positive ripples in the world 🙂

I’ve been gradually progressing in my journey on my path with a heart. This blog has been a way to share in hopes that it may help others heal and to feel supported, validated somehow. To know we’re not alone.

There have been many times when I’ve considered just giving in and succumbing to what’s a sure thing, you know, a nursing career and working to pay the bills and maybe go on vacation if we’re lucky. I tried, I really tried to make that work, but it wasn’t working.

Since joining CGC everything has rapidly changed and now, for the first time, I have a chance to make even greater strides on my path with a heart.

Having that extra support from CGC has made all the difference for me. I’ve gained more courage to make the scary changes that one must when progressing and transforming while following a path with a heart.

I have basically transitioned out of nursing over the past year. We moved over the weekend upstairs to a smaller, cheaper apartment. I’ve got several part-time non-nursing jobs since November where I don’t have to work nights. I worked nights as a nurse because it was less stressful, but took a toll in other ways, circadian rhythm, etc.

Funny how the more I decreased my hours as a nurse, the harder it became to make myself work as a nurse. I dreaded it so much that I felt clinically depressed on those days I had to work as a nurse. It was an emotional roller coaster, the contrast was so extreme as opposed to days I didn’t have to work. Then after I worked I’d spend days feeling exhausted, recovering from my nursing night shifts.

It became painfully evident that the cost of being a nurse was outweighing the benefits. I was burned out, tired of the high level of responsibility and depressing environment. After a while caring for sick people takes a toll on your psyche. I felt like I wasn’t really helping and could better help on the other end, on prevention. The western health care system is built on people being sick, not on prevention/wellness. It can be so heartbreaking.

I feel that I can help more by following my path with a heart here on the Logical Heart Knows Best. A lot of nursing is patching up what’s already broken just enough to get by, for as long as possible, but you’re still sick. I’d like to help people heal and practice prevention so they won’t need nursing care.

So for the next 364 days I will be creating content in hopes that it will help create “positive ripples” as Steve says.

I want the rest of my life to be committed to what’s truly loving, purposeful, meaningful and helpful for myself as well as others.

Taking the path with a heart requires loads of faith.

I’m becoming more comfortable with holding out for what spirit/love or my logical heart says is the way to go. Recently we didn’t know how we were going to come up with the resources we needed to move upstairs, but I took a wait and see approach instead of scrambling and fretting. I tried to get more nursing shifts but only one showed up. I needed at least 3. So I thought, everything’s worked out so far, so why should this time be any different. Within days unexpected resources showed up out of the blue.

What a relief!

Maybe I need to hold out more for what my logical heart tells me. Have faith, stand my ground even when I don’t know how it will happen.

Maybe that’s when the miracle happens? Have faith, do what’s right for you by listening to your logical heart, then wait and see?

For 2020 and beyond, gonna be practicing more of the relaxing and having faith that the Logical Heart really does Know Best 🙂

I’ll be seeing y’all again tomorrow?! I’m scared, but excited about this whole year challenge!

I’m also hoping that all of the changes I’ve made will work so I can really make 2020 a stellar year on my path with a heart! Yay!

Another sign of encouragement for 2020! Yesterday I received a lovely comment from the contact form here. I’ve been blogging for years and sometimes wonder if it’s really helping others? This person confirmed that they were helped by reading this blog! I still get verklempt thinking about that…it helped someone feel less alone in their journey. More of that, yes. More love, more oneness, more forgiveness, healing together 🙂

So very grateful!!! Love and hugs y’all!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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