Getting Unstuck

The Logical Heart Knows Best

“Comfort zone” sounds safe, cozy, easy. Is it though?

I view staying in a comfort zone as choosing your own captivity.

It may seem like the path of least resistance is the easiest way. Do what you know because what if you try something different and it fails? What if this really is the best life possible for you? Maybe this is all you’re capable of and should be grateful and settle for your comfort zone.

Who are you to think that there’s potential for more? After all, you’ve got it pretty good.

So what if you dread work and have too many bills piled up, so you don’t seem to have a choice? I often hear people comment, “Everyone has to work and no one really likes to. We all have to suck it up and do what we have to. That’s just how it is.”

But are you really thriving when you repeat the same day for months, years, decades? Does your life feel satisfying, meaningful, joyful, and purposeful? Is it really comfortable? Is drudgery comfortable? Is dreading work and living for the weekend comfortable?

I’ve been stuck for years, actually for decades. I settled.

When I was a young adult, I wanted to do something creative…music, theater, art, writing, and anthropology, but I became an RN. I was tired of eating ramen and selling plasma to get by. I thought I could work as a nurse for a few years and then later get back to creative pursuits. I enjoyed caring for people as a nurse, plus I could always find work with flexible hours and decent pay. It seemed like a responsible decision.

Here I am 27 years later and I’m finally closer to getting unstuck. I stayed in my “comfort zone”, though it was the opposite of comfortable, it was a sure way to make enough money when I desperately needed to provide for our family.

I was holding onto nursing because it pays more than 3 times what I make at my current jobs (confession, I still have a PRN nursing job in my back pocket just in case, for emergencies :))

I’ve been stuck by my decisions. I had choices, but my family took priority, so I stayed where it felt safe because I didn’t want to put our comfort at risk.

I had to make choices I’d rather not have, but have allowed me to get more unstuck and hopefully fully break free. Like downsizing, bankruptcy, getting several low-paying jobs to replace nursing.

If you’re miserable, then use your common sense and do something different to get unstuck, to get that energy moving, try anything different, start somewhere. Eventually, you’ll find a way out. I’m hoping to find my way out this year! Make it so! Lol 🙂

I’ve made the mistake of thinking I could just minimize the parts of my life that aren’t aligned, like working as little as possible as a nurse or spending less time around an unpleasant person. Maybe I could tolerate it in small doses.

If something isn’t working for you in your life, then why tolerate it any longer?

There are always things we can do to propel us towards what’s more loving of us. It’s scary though and takes effort.

But in my experience, it’s worth it. To know that you’re making progress in the right direction is an enormous relief.

It’s so freeing to feel like there is a great chance that you can live life the way you want and don’t have to compromise. Until you reach the next comfort zone, that is, lol 😀

I accept that if I’m growing and progressing, I’m never quite done and there will always be comfort zones to break through for the rest of my life 🙂 Grrr and yay! 😀

How about y’all join in and get unstuck with me?!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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