The Grrr Way To Yay!

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Grrrr, grrrr, grrr… frustration! The same issues keep reoccurring and I can’t find a solution. 

When this happens it’s because I’m resisting, denying, not accepting a truth.

I keep trying to force something to change and when it doesn’t, I go grrrr. I think that I can control the situation and try different approaches to no avail.

Why won’t it work? Grrr

Typically it’s because it’s not mine to change, like it’s someone else’s character and only they can fix it, it’s not within my boundary to change. Or it’s because I’m hanging on to something when it’s not aligned with me anymore and I’m too afraid to let go.

So I try to make it work and drive myself bonkers until either I’ve had enough or the universe decides for me with a kick in the a-star-star.

Or I’m focusing too much energy on the problem instead of looking forward into the realm of possibilities. 

After decades of practice, I’m getting the hang of this grrr way to yay 😀 

When I get frustrated and those repetitive critical, negative thoughts and heavy, angsty emotions arise, I stop myself and question.

I ask is it mine to change? 

And is it really that important, or am I just in a habitual thought pattern due to past baggage and projecting it onto now?

Does this really matter in the grand scheme?

Is it a deal breaker? 

Or is it me, have I out grown this situation and maybe I need to try something different, try anything just to see where I feel better, more aligned and on purpose. Am I too scared to make a change and think I don’t have a choice, yet with each passing day I get more and more grrr? Resisting it?

What would help? What brings the most peace and relief? 

My grrrs tell me where I need to shift my energy and focus, or even make a drastic change. The frustration tells me that it’s time to get inquisitive then creative.

I either have to change my perception and/or take action.

All of this takes energy, so maybe I better make some space to be able to deal.

For example, we women do so much more than men, it’s a fact. I’ve had a chip on my shoulder about it most of my life.

Finally since empty nest I shook that chip off. And I decided that I’m not going above and beyond, that I was gonna be more of a matcher instead of a giver 😀 

I have set boundaries which miraculously are being followed after years of reinforcement, lmao and finally, finally I’m not so grrr about it anymore.

Where was my power in that situation? I enforced boundaries which weren’t being followed, I got frustrated, but it was out of my control, I can’t make someone else do something.

It’s funny how when I stopped caring so much, then suddenly there was cooperation. So actually when I was most frustrated, there was the least cooperation. It’s maddening, lol!

Of course if we have problems that are deal breakers and the other person is uncooperative then we can always end the situation. Say bye bye and problem solved. It’s never that easy though because we feel compassionate and want to be kind and fair, giving everyone plenty of chances to try.

So now when I go grrr, I am aware that there’s something I’m resisting and now I’m not afraid to face the truth and make the changes, yay! 😀 It took me long enough! 

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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