Thank You Note

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’ve had a blank thank you note placed on my desk for months now, ready for me to write and mail. I look at it every day and smile, genuinely, deeply, eternally grateful, yet I delay because my gratitude is so enormous that it’s difficult to put into words, so I tell myself this week I’ll be in the right energetic vibe to do it. And the week passes and the card is still blank, waiting.

This week I feel freer than I’ve felt in a very long time. Vibe is on the upswing, energy levels rising. I’ve only worked 3 nights in nursing since November. It feels like everything is falling into place even more and it’s a new beginning for me. That thank you note will be in the mail tomorrow!

When something is really important to me I want to get it right, to do my very best, be reverent, to connect with the magnitude of feelings deep within and express them as completely as possible. This often requires impeccable timing.

Pressuring myself throws everything out of whack for me. My motto is if it’s really vital it’ll get done eventually. And it does. If I try to force myself to do something right then and there constantly, anxiety and fear arises resulting in frantic mode. I then lose focus and begin rebelling.

I’m all for being healthy, engaged with life, making a difference and being on purpose, but in it’s own perfect time. Some things have to percolate until they’re ready. The just right frame of mind and energy is required to create through inspiration.

Sometimes I get inspired and can’t create what I’m envisioning immediately. I am torn because I want to act upon these inspirations but other responsibilities interfere. That’s when I reassure myself that if it’s meant to be created, I will become inspired again at the perfect time and it will happen. I just need to keep moving forward, keep focusing my mind, keep learning and taking aligned, inspired actions that feel right. Keep listening to my logical heart and I will find my way 🙂

Nowadays I don’t participate in most of society’s obligatory dictates. Over the years I tried to keep up with the card sending, announcement sending, social gatherings, etc. It was a drag and I’d force myself to try and mostly failed, then gave up. It was like busy work, unimportant, I already had too much to do as it was. Other people valued it but I didn’t.

It’s funny how arbitrary it can be, the things we value, what we prioritize. It can become overwhelming and complicated, exhausting to try and please everyone, lol.

I said eff it!

The most important things to me don’t require social formalities, or the keeping up appearances, constant contact or following all the made up rules that mostly divide and imprison us.

Kindness, helpfulness, reverence, connecting from the heart, listening, empathizing, sharing, graciousness, beneficence, really the everyday small simple graces, that’s all that’s really important. Maintaining peacefulness to be able to keep what’s really important at the forefront, compassion, forgiveness, love.

That’s when you’re able to act on those inspirations and uniquely create what only you can. When you’re living life on your terms from the depths of your logical heart.

It’s natural for us to be loving. It’s the pressure of living up to expectations in a fast paced world that burdens us to the point of blocking the flow of that love.

Nowadays I choose peace over everything else. No bright, shiny object can distract me anymore. No expectations to fulfill except what feels right, loving and truly helpful in the deepest spiritual sense. Being grateful, appreciating the journey 🙂

I also have another blank thank you note waiting for me to write. It’s to the universe and to everyone, it’s gonna hang on my massive vision board. It’ll be up tomorrow.

Feeling supremely thankful tonight. Filled to the brim with love 🙂 I do like thank you notes best out of all the social formalities. Though saying thank you works just as well 🙂

Thank y’all! Love and hugs! ?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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