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The Logical Heart Knows Best

Some days it’s difficult to stay peaceful, to stay calm, centered, fearless and empowered. All we need do is read the headlines and it can be so heartbreaking, we feel all of those grieving emotions, the sorrow. We feel small, alone and powerless, not knowing where to begin to help make it all better somehow.

We all have challenges, aging, illness, unexpected adversity. And we all want everything to get better for us all, deep down that’s what the truth is. We have compassion and want to be as helpful as possible.

So we begin where we are. We can start by making sure we’re taking care of ourselves so we can contribute as much as is healthy for us. We can pick causes and volunteer our help. Or we can meditate, pray, send loving kindness energy to envelop and heal the planet. We can connect and share lovingly with each other. We can share our knowledge, work together and do small acts of kindness wherever we go.

It can be delicate and difficult to know just how to help. Sometimes just your presence and holding space can be comforting. We all try and say kind, encouraging things, but sometimes it ends up causing unintentional pain. I’ve read so many articles about what not to say or do in certain situations, it’s hard to keep track of it all, so I try to choose my words carefully and mostly listen. Empathy and validation always helps.

All of my life I’ve never understood this world where there are so many tragedies and ultimately death. It really doesn’t make sense.

When I learned about Jesus in Bible school, the crucifixion and resurrection, I was puzzled because such a big deal was made about the crucifixion when I was astounded by the resurrection. To me at that young age I knew that the resurrection was the whole point. It made no sense to me that we should all feel guilty and sinful because of the crucifixion, that Jesus died for our sins. Jesus taught forgiveness, not condemnation? And he didn’t die?

The whole point was we don’t really die and if we don’t then this whole tragedy filled world is not real, it’s all temporary so why are we so scared and fighting with one another? Wouldn’t we do better to get along, and do what feels good? Loving kindness feels good and natural.

Our energy lives on. We are spirit, not bodies.

And yeah there’s no proof. But is it better and helpful to believe that this is all there is? That everything lives for but a little while and then dies? We don’t need religion to tell us what to believe. We can believe whatever helps us be most loving.

I don’t speak of this often, (most glaze over with skepticism and disbelief like I’m from outer space) but I had an experience where I had a sleeping dream and woke up in that dream however briefly to our true reality of oneness and I had all of this knowledge flood through me, a gnosis, an awakening I guess you could call it or a revelation.

Ever since then it’s hard to explain, words can’t describe adequately the exquisite beauty, truth, pure blinding love we all are. I feel that if we all knew this truth that there would be less and less tragedy and more peace, wellness, love and joy. But it’s a truth that must be experienced to fully understand and believe, it’s actually a knowing.

So I try to point to the truth, I keep doing the best I can. And that’s the most that we can all do, the best we can.

It’s heartbreaking but we can’t help but love one another as best we can until we all wake up or as Ram Dass said,

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

― Ram Dass

Michelle Miyagi
After 27 years as a Registered Nurse in Geriatric/Psychiatric nursing, I now focus on spirituality, mindfulness, kindness, and holistic, healthy living. Let's chat. Book a free call with me here. https://calendly.com/30-min-session/30-min-meeting

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