Spring Hamster

The Logical Heart Knows Best

So sleepy, was trying to type while in a more supine position and kept falling asleep, had to go to the desk. I was up early 0400 and completed my work shift by noon. A big switch from working nights 😀 Not used to it yet though, zombiefied right now. Not conducive to creativity, lol.

I’ve been thinking what if all I have to do is whatever makes me happy 😀 Shift everything around until it works. Like I’ve been doing, except do it faster. Don’t hesitate or agonize, don’t linger any longer than is required.

To trust so much that it’s like breathing, no fear, just explore for the fun of it. Do things more spontaneously and impulsively.

Like today I had to return a library book and decided that while I was out I would get some decaf coffee and some cherry pie. I just watched the series, Twin Peaks: The Return and now I’m rewatching the original. Dougie and Agent Cooper have made me want coffee and pie, lmao! The character Dougie is hilarious!

I swung by Whole Foods and they didn’t have cherry pie, but they had pumpkin pie (vegan) on sale! And I had to have something with cherry, so got some turnovers (accidentally vegan). I also got the coffee plus jasmine tea and a lip balm I can only find there. I treated myself! I then came home, watched an episode of Twin Peaks while indulging in my goodies.

This made me happy! Then I read in a hot bath, happy!

Those are easy ways to amp up my enjoyment, but what about the bigger shifts to increasing my joy? How can I become faster at doing what creates the most flow and joy in all areas of my life?

One way is to keep exploring and accepting invitations to try something new. To seek out things I’m curious about, that inspire me.

For example I’ve committed to a 4 week video challenge. I’ve been curious about how to make better videos and so I signed up. I’m engaging in more activities that interest me.

What if you don’t have enough energy to try new things? What if the mere thought of exploring makes you tired? That has been me and I finally had enough of that trapped tired feeling. So I made space, I had more rest, free time, down time.

Yet, I was still too tired, but extremely more so when I had to work. Then I tried working even less. I dreaded work, I’d be so depressed and had to force myself to go. Then I’d be exhausted for days after. I discovered it was my job that was sucking the life out of me. That was it! I needed to quit! Switch jobs, try something different, figure it out.

We get in routines and we are so used to them and feeling blah, that we are unaware of cause and effect. It becomes just how it is, what you do, you’ve done it for so long that it’s a part of you, automatic, even if it’s not suitable for you anymore, you keep doing it and wonder why you’ve become dull, lifeless, zombiefied 😀 I didn’t know how badly my job was impacting me until I worked less and could then see the drastic contrast between days off and days working. It was like heaven and hell, lol.

Paying attention to ourselves and keeping attuned to our level of joy in every aspect of our lives can help us stay aware so we don’t slip back into those ruts. It’s sneaky though because life responsibilities make you think you have less choices, but you always have more possibilities than you believe.

I’m so happy that I’m getting better at this, shifting things till they sync up for more joy and less zombie 😀 Even though I’m no longer a spring hamster, I can still be spontaneous and shake it up! More joy and aliveness! More energy to create positive ripples!

But I’m still sleepy right now, lol, but it’s a good, happy sleepy 🙂 Night night 😀 ?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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