Clearance to Big Ticket

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’m gradually adjusting to working early hours, but I’ve needed a nap shortly after I get home. I nap for about an hour. Today during my delicious nap, I pressed snooze several times and eventually turned the alarm off. Subconsciously I knew it’s no work tomorrow and if I slept a little longer it wouldn’t affect my sleep schedule. Luckily Drue woke me up an hour and 15 mins into the yummy nap. I was knocked out and dreaming.

It’s so funny, I love dreams, they can be so ridiculous. I mean I could be dreaming about anything I want, go anywhere, fly, time travel, be different characters, defy laws of physics and nature, play with fantastical creatures…yet today in my dream I was shopping the clearance section of odds and ends.

I could be shopping in the most glittery, opulent, luxurious, expensive place in my dreams, lol. Yet here I was happy, curious and tantalized at the chance of a bargain. Plus there are always unusual items on clearance. I reached high on the top shelf where there was a tangle of dinosaur toys. I was interested in the large crouching orange and brown T-Rex, I scanned it to check the price, $9.97, too expensive, lmao! I struggled to return it amongst all the other dinosaur stragglers.

I then surveyed the other jumbled shelves filled with bits of broken holiday items, infant and pet toys, candy canes, mugs, dregs and bits. The colorful pet and infant toys had noise making crinkly portions, squishies and squeakers. I pressed, squeezed and listened delightedly. The pet toys had a human voice giving commands to help pets stay soothed while their owners were away. I marveled at the silliness of all these objects to distract myself with, how inventive and fun!

I was rummaging, looking for some candy that maybe was cherry flavored, thanks to Dougie/Agent Cooper and that’s when I woke up, smiling and giggling about my dream.

It got me to thinking about maybe it’s time to move on from the clearance shelf in real life. Instead of bargaining for a seasons gone by, outdated, jumbled clearance aisle of life, I could benefit more from investing in exactly what will serve, with cutting edge clarity, no scrounging, but precisely what works best. No settling for piece meal cut and paste, making do with a last season’s T-Rex here, a weird, old pickle flavored candy cane there and noisy dog toys allover the place, lol.

This would mean less distraction, less meandering and more laser focus, discipline, streamlining, no compromises on what’s most simple and efficient for optimal living. Level up energetically. More salads, less cherry pie and coffee, lol! Less Netflix, more cardio. Less talking myself out of stuff and more exploration, more inspired action.

It doesn’t mean I’d stop hunting for a good deal on something funky and cool in life, it does mean that I will not be settling for the clearance specials as a default. Time to see what it’s like in the realm of the big tickets, lol 😀 Maybe I’ll dream about it in my next lovely nap! ?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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