10 Quick Ways to Energize

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Feeling Old and Tired?

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to get peppy and energized! Remember when you were little? What was the most important thing in the world?

Having Fun! ! ??

One of the quickest ways to get your sunshine on, is to…

Play!    ? ?‍♂️

Go wild! Silly! Goofy! Absurd! Hilarious!

But I’m feeling too old and tired to play! That doesn’t make sense?

Rest assured, it’s super easy, it’s the easiest and fastest way to stop that old tired feeling in its pesky tracks! Blow some bubbles and see how that feels J

Try to remember what your favorite games and pastimes were when you were little and try them again! Play board games, video games. Play dress-up! Pretend! Let your imagination run amuck! (You can refer to my I Can Do What I Want Challenge for some ideas. If I can do it certainly you can give it a try too!) Be bold and brave! It takes courage to play the fool!

Talk Pretty to Yourself! Outrageous flattery! ????

How’ve you been treating yourself. What’s some of your self-talk? Do you look in the mirror and say, wow! I’m super amazing! Or do you say, wow, what a walrus manatee combo I’ve become?

Practice appreciating yourself, complimenting yourself like you would the most deserving person you can think of. We are all inherently worthy and beautiful no matter what! A mindset that embraces the spiritual aspect of our humanity over the physical materialistic view helps us overcome our limited views of the body. “Old” is just a perception of our bodies and numerical age.

Spiritually we are ageless and timeless. Everyone and everything physical/material is temporary here. What matters most? Our energy and spirit. How much love, joy, connection, creativity, sharing, loving… just simply being, the aspects that can only be experienced through our minds and souls…that doesn’t depend on our age. So, no need to feel old, does that help anything? To focus on the label of being old?

Here’s what I say to myself when I feel fat, old and ugly. I talk pretty to myself. I have mantras and affirmations. For example, “You are brilliant, beautiful, worthy and infinitely loved.” I appreciate the aspects of myself that I feel good about, “Your nose is pretty cute.”

And if I really want to liven up, I get outrageous. “You are irresistible, an attractive, magnetic, effervescent work of art, there’s only one in the universe quite like you, so why don’t you own that!”

 I also recall all the people I’ve admired and loved in my life. Does their appearance or age really impact how I feel about them? Why no! And what about all the “old” successful and famous people?  Why need I fear judgement or why do I judge myself? We are amazing at every age! You’re never too old!

Nature Walk! Explore! ?

Take a break from it all, everything…and GO OUTSIDE! We are biological beings and have neurochemical systems which are linked up with nature. We thrive on fresh air, trees, earth and sunshine. It energizes us, keeps us in rhythm and harmony with the cycles of life that connect everything.

Grow plants/garden. Or if you’re in an apartment like me, have them on your porch in pots.

Adequate down time, quiet time and space to explore also helps us feel more expansive and rejuvenated. I like to go barefoot in the grass when I can, though where I live now there might be “poop-mines” from ducks, dogs and geese.

I also find that journaling outside enables me to multi-task getting the extra lift of getting things off my chest, shedding some heaviness by expressing myself on paper. The added clarity I glean also sharpens me into focus, so my energy becomes more coiled and spring loaded, boing! Watch out world!  I figured some s*** out by journaling! And this fresh air and sunshine has me frisky!

Meditation/Solitude/Quiet ?‍♀️

Sometimes a few minutes of solitude, silence and peace can refresh and reset our energy. There are so many ways to achieve a more receptive energetic state besides meditation. Just sitting in solitude in a relaxing, comfortable environment for a few minutes does wonders. And if you add some mantras and visualizations along with deep breathing that’s even better.

You don’t really need to master meditation to benefit. Practicing becoming the observer of your thoughts is effective too. Any amount of attempting this adds up and is beneficial.

There are also guided meditations and visualizations for free online, so really there is no excuse for not utilizing this effective means of recalibrating and rejuvenating.

Some people are different and have difficulty visualizing, it’s called aphantasia.  What works for me may not work for you, but it’s important to keep trying different things, trial and error until you find your sweet spots.

Breathe/Cardio ?‍♀️

Proper oxygenation/circulation, breathing it seems so basic, it’s automatic so we don’t even pay attention to it. We recently moved to the mile-high city…wow, I got winded just going up a flight of stairs. I’m still not completely acclimated. I see how important it is to keep my cardiovascular system healthy!

I make sure to get my heart pumping enough to where I’m fully expanding my lungs and breaking a sweat. I used to run, but since moving to this higher elevation I’ve been walking at a fast pace, usually hour long walks daily if possible.

Having a healthy circulatory system keeps my cells and whole system in tip top shape, preventing fatigue and brain fog.

When I do feel tired or anxious, I deep breathe for a pick me up, an instant self-soothing method.

Laugh! ????

Watch something funny on Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Joke around, play practical jokes, hide and scare each other, be mischievous (make sure in advance everyone involved is okay with it).

Try pretending you’re a standup comic while going about your day to day. See the humor or irony and make observational jokes in your head. For example, I was cleaning crumbs off the floor thinking they were from my husband, kinda irritated ya know? Then I found a pea, heh…that’s from me (he doesn’t eat peas), at least it’s healthy I think, lmao.

Play charades or look up improv activities online and try them.

Make faces in the mirror.

Reminisce about the funniest things you’ve encountered.

Burp and fart freely at home. Reminds me of Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut.

Play with squirt guns, have a nerf gun war, nerf sword fight, pillow fight…or throw the pillows on the ground and pretend the floor is lava, jump from pillow to pillow, to the couch.

Hula hoop, jump rope, play hide and seek.

Look at old photos, home movies and yearbooks.

Hugs/Cuddles ?‍❤️‍?

Hug and love on someone if you can, every day. Massages. Brush each other’s hair. Rub each other’s hands with lotion. Scratch backs. Foot rubs.

A furry friend is nice too.

A cozy environment, comfy clothes, lounging around with a hot drink is good if no one’s around. Candles, aromatherapy. Fresh flowers.

A shrine area with your favorite/sentimental things that bring you joy, just for you. Nice or fun lighting and colors. I like disco balls.

Anything that brings a sense of home, familiarity, safety and comfort. Like watching your favorite movie or shows from childhood.

Reading a favorite book. Coloring, crafts, origami, puzzles. Art. Writing.

Water ??‍♂️

A long hot bath always revitalizes me.

Swimming, hot tub, kiddie pool, play in the hose or sprinkler.

Some people swear by cold baths/showers.

Play in the rain.

Visit water features, like a pond, lake, beach, fountain. Ahhh.

Listen to sounds of water, available online, etc. (make sure you’ve pee-peed though, heh).

Drink lemon water.

Dance/Movement ??

Dancing is so much fun! Anyone can move their bodies, it doesn’t matter how you look, who cares? It feels good to move! It releases pent up stuff, google it, you’ll see. Release your inhibitions!

Just put some music on and go! Cut loose!

Be a ballerina. Be Beyoncé.

Or you can put on an instructional video and learn to twerk, break dance, do the robot or K-pop styles. Lol. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Just let the music move you!

Yoga, Tai Chi. Play video games that involve movement, VR.

Look online for instructional videos and try some new form of movement. Gaga dance.

Skip, hop, spin, shake your booty!

Music/Singing ??

Put on your favorite singer and sing along with your whole being.

Learn your favorite songs by heart.

Explore and listen to a variety of music.

Try playing an instrument if you have one.

Try creating digital music with free apps.

Try making up songs for fun.

Put on a show/sing for someone as a surprise.

Sing songs from Disney and musicals. Watch musicals.

Pretend you’re on American Idol, lol.

Play the air guitar.

Play musical video games, karaoke.

These are all readily available ways to switch it up, lighten up, get a high vibe on and spark up those neurons, cells, chakras, those rusty bits  

Life can be a fun adventure, even if you’re feeling old and tired, I bet a little play time can turn things around!!! Yay!!!

Here’s to farting around, lmao! ???

“And people still laugh about as much as they ever did, despite their shrunken brains. If a bunch of them are lying around on a beach, and one of them farts, everybody else laughs and laughs, just as people would have done a million years ago.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut, Galápagos

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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