My Ideal Day to Day

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Part of creating the life you desire is to concretely define what your day to day experience would be. To see it clearly in your mind first, visualize it in great detail. Imagining how it feels.

In my ideal life I’m able to work from home, getting paid to write, create digital products, online classes/groups or coaching, possibly podcasts. Ideally most of it would be passive income so I could devote time to learn new skills and innovate by utilizing other areas of interest like music, art, film/photography and dance/movement.

Each day I would read, write, research/ learn, explore, practice new skills while also sharing things that help others to heal and grow. My focus would be on helping people to love and trust themselves enough to practice healing modalities that help them master their emotions and mindset. Ultimately culminating in forgiveness which provides a stable framework of truth/peace/trust to build upon. This would be empowering to their true selves so they can make the most loving decisions to flow the highest love from the wisdom of their logical hearts. I would develop practical methods to help point in the right direction to help remove blocks to awareness and to release feelings of guilt.

I would also learn public speaking and would join Toastmaster’s to hone my skills. I would learn digital music and drawing. I would learn about the therapeutics of movement/dance, art and music and incorporate them into practices and creations.

My days would not be high pressure, they would be leisurely, flowing and engaging, full of inspiring moments. I would spend time daily in nature and would have enough income to be able to travel a least every 3 months.

I would eventually collaborate and do in person workshops too. I would invest in attending workshops and in my personal development too. I would also ideally be able to learn other languages.

In my day to day I would manage my own time and choose whom I spend my time with. I’d have total creative control and would be my own boss.

I would feel engaged, inspired and deeply connected to others through what we share with each other. I would feel like I was actually helping at the deeper, at cause level, from the roots up. I would know that I am truly helping through communicating what is expressed through us from our logical hearts in a meaningful, purposeful co-creative way where we all benefit. I would know without a shred of doubt that I was doing my part to help in the most beneficent way. I would feel an all encompassing swell of pure love, joy and peace on most days 😀

I’ve shifted my life so that some of these activities I’m already doing, except I’m not generating income from them yet. So my focus now is to learn the mechanics of that while also creating and honing my skills.

In my visualizations of my ideal day to day, I’m doing what I’m already doing currently on my days off, but have more energy and time because I’m not having to work an outside job and can focus fully on learning, creating and sharing.

I’m loving our life here in Colorado! And I’m loving that I’m gaining more energy, momentum and flow! Now if I can get down to the nuts and bolts part where I monetize 😀 Show me the money, lmao!

Getting into a new routine here with my new job, then the plan is to try a first launch. Won’t know unless I try! 😀 ?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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