Just Getting By Days

The Logical Heart Knows Best

On the days I work, it’s challenging to do everything I want. I used to lament that I needed to sleep. You know, like a child sleep fighting 🙂 Now I’ve stopped resisting it so much and accept that it’s essential. So on days like today when I’m tired from working at my job, I know I won’t be as productive.

I’m doing this daily content creation for a year challenge, plus I am doing a 4-week Ignite Video Challenge group. I had been meditating every day, plus doing other personal development activities like CGC and Stature with Steve Pavlina, nature walks, but now I haven’t been able to squeeze it all in. On my days off I try to play catch up 🙂

It’s difficult to write on the days when I’m especially tired, like today 🙂 I try to Jedi mind trick myself and convince myself that I’m not tired, lol 🙂 It’s not working! What I really want to do is read in a hot bath and drink chamomile tea 😀 I’ll do that just as soon as I publish this post.

Some days are “just getting by” days and that’s okay. It’s a languid, soothing feeling when you’ve worked to the point of fatigue. When you’re a bit sleep-deprived, it causes you to relax and surrender. You slow down and savor simple things, like tea, hot baths, reading, because you’re too exhausted to do much more 🙂

I recall busy, frenetic times in my life when I was relieved to be sick with a fever because I got to rest, it forced me to 🙂 I’m so thankful my life is not like that anymore and I’ve become smarter about resting and sleeping. I seldom get sick anymore, don’t know if that’s because I’m old and have caught a lot of cooties and it built my immunity up or what? Or maybe it’s because I rest enough now? 😀

I have nothing that’s inspiring me much to write about. That also happens when I’m tired. Don’t get those sparks, just ashes, lol. I keep thinking I’ve got to get ready for bed soon, still adjusting to 4 am wake-up time.

The uninspiring days can be just as valuable as the peak ones. You learn to appreciate everything eventually, if you’ve reached the point where you’re no longer sleep fighting, lol. I love the days that are so amazing that you don’t want to sleep because you want it to last forever though! I can always do with more of those! The little kid is still lurking within me, ready to sleep fight, but tonight, sleep is welcome.

Now for the luxurious bath reading! 😀

Michelle Miyagi
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