Priceless and Precious

The Logical Heart Knows Best

What value do you place on your wellness, your joy, your peace and life satisfaction? All of these are priceless and precious to me. Yet most of my life I’ve made compromises which cost me my wellness, joy, peace and satisfaction. I made choices that I believed were logical, practical, or that would receive the least opposition from others.

Fear based choices come with a high cost. You think you’re ensuring your safety and security, but those compromises end up holding you captive in ways you can’t see until you reach the point where only love will do. When the logic of love awakens in you because you’ve reached the point where you become willing to choose whatever works.

You can’t deny your true feelings any longer and your quality of life is nowhere near what you’d hoped for. You decide you’re willing to take risks, experiment and change, no matter the fears. Fear is what got you in the predicament you’re in to begin with. Why not choose what’s loving, true and right for you?

It’s never too late to choose your wellness, joy, peace and satisfaction.

After a long journey in the health care field as an RN (which I am thankful for because it allowed me to help others while also supporting our family and was flexible so I could be with the children more than most parents get to spend with their families these days), I finally reached the point where I surrendered to the fact that it was slowly killing me to continue working as a nurse. So though it’s been scary, I’ve rearranged my life so that I no longer have to depend on that level of income to get by. Yay!

I chose me, my wellness, joy, peace and satisfaction.

Over the past few weeks at my new job in which I make much less money, I’ve experienced such joy, satisfaction, peace and wellness. An added plus has been the level of appreciation I’ve received from others. It’s been such a welcoming, cheerful environment!

Today a total stranger approached me and related that my presence made their experience so much more enjoyable and that I must be one of those people that makes everyone’s life better and how remarkable that is. I got all verklempt. I hadn’t done anything special. Another day a mother and her children approached me to say thank you too, so sweetly. And another client left a thank you note too.

Of course in nursing there were plenty of appreciative clients, coworkers and families, but it was mixed with pain, sorrow, frustration, grief, loss, so heavy, after a while it takes a toll on a nurse.

In this new environment there is lightness, cheer, simplicity, so wonderful to have something straightforward that is also nurturing and fun!

My level of energy is on the upswing now so that I am experiencing more engagement, creativity and flow. Priceless!

So some choices we make can seem logical and appropriate to increase our sense of security yet may come at an even higher cost which poses an even greater threat to our lives in the long run. Getting a high paying, prestigious job with all the bells and whistles or staying in a relationship with a toxic person, or doing anything that compromises your well-being just to feel safe or not rock the boat, or to avoid feeling guilty or avoid the discomfort of change while you are suffering is actually harming more than yourself.

It’s depriving everyone else of the flow of love that’s not being fully expressed by you while you stay blocked in your fearful “secure” spaces. Part of you will always be resisting because you’re making yourself do and be things that you truly aren’t aligned with and are actually harming you. How does that even make sense? Fear makes us do batshit things, lol 🙂

The best way to learn that your fears are not as real as you believe is to take action in the direction of what you really truly want to experience in life. Any small action at first. That builds trust and confidence and frees you up so that you’re emboldened to try more.

Sometimes things will happen to force your hand into making the changes that are best for you. Like you may get laid off or that toxic person will ghost you 🙂 Suddenly you have to try something different. The universe has opened a door for you 🙂

I am so encouraged by what feels like the start of a new life this year! I hope this encourages others to make some loving changes in their lives too! 😀 ?


Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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