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I finished watching the original Twin Peaks recently, (I’d originally watched it on TV back in the 90’s). Then I watched Fire Walk With Me (which to me, was the most disturbing out of all of the Twin Peaks installments). Now I’m rewatching Twin Peaks: The Return again.

I swear I’m not gonna eat more cherry pies while watching though! But maybe some occasional decaf coffee, lol!

I’m rewatching because I want to get the full effect of the series consecutively in order 😀 Plus all of the layers, the symbolism, the sounds, the quirkiness, artiness, horror, fantasy, beauty, surrealism, the sets, furniture, effects, colors, the awkward timing, the tension…it’s so interesting. It is a dream world that taps the unconscious and subconscious, plus there’s the unusual humor and endearing qualities of the characters.

One character I am intrigued with is the Dougie/Agent Cooper who is straddling dimensions. He’s endearing and hilarious, yet also I’m seeing a different spin on Dougie and it’s fascinating because some people seem triggered by his character?

Maybe because he’s infantalized, receptive, intuitive, mostly seen and not heard. Is innocent, ignorant, under other’s control and has simple interests, like pie and coffee. He’s not overly clever and is non-threatening, naive. He’s also objectified by his wife and during sex he is passive and submissive. Hmmmm…. Seems like his character is the ideal female according to patriarchal society.

Interesting? What do y’all think?

Some of the scenes are long and hypnotizing and strangely satisfying, like watching a barkeep sweep the floor and Dr Jacoby spray painting his shovels gold. The music is phenomenal too! I play the intro everytime, no skipping it because the theme is so beautiful and haunting.

I like how my emotions are evoked. I feel things that are hard to put into words, like parts of me are being stirred up that haven’t been before. It’s like I feel colors, sounds and the pauses, the tensions that build, the effects, lighting, the grotesque all combined, move me in novel, fascinating ways.

Meta-emotions-multiple emotions that are triggered at the same time. Twin Peaks does that to me.

I love it! It’s like a wild, eerie, dreamy amusement ride. And the quirky humor never gets old. There are disturbing, violent themes, but it’s fiction and entertainment/art.

I love that it stirs up strong responses from people. That’s good, we’re alive, lol 😀

Anyhow, having fun watching Twin Peaks for the second go ’round 😀

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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