The Love Within

The Logical Heart Knows Best

My guilty pleasure is eating while watching TV. Tonight I ate salad and fried potato wedges (lmao, don’t judge me!) and surfed the streaming offerings. Everything felt like too much effort, I had no interest, it felt exhausting and pointless. I didn’t want the intrusion, I wanted stillness, quiet, soothing energy.

I wanted just being.

Being with the everpresent love that comes from within. TV would just detract from that experience. We all have perfect love we have access to whenever we choose to seek it within. It’s what we are in truth. It’s deep, quiet, peaceful and warm, so comforting and assured. I feel it suffusing from my solar plexus and radiating throughout me. I feel it connecting me to everyone and everything, all encompassing and extending out into infinity.

No TV for me tonight, this is much more satisfying, I’m radiating love as I type. It feels so yummy 🙂

Such wholeness and peace, sublime, all accessible from within.

My hair is still damp and cold, I had a hot bath after arising from my after work nap. I still can’t hang… waking up at 4am when I can’t get to sleep until midnight, lol. Brrr, putting my artist’s snuggly shirt on now, ahhh, better.

I did read a little in the tub, but my wanting to just be won out there too. Prior to typing this, I read ACIM. It’s so beautifully written, I always feel so peaceful, expansive, rooted and loving afterwards. Cozy, glowy at home in my safe nest feeling. I feel invulnerable and experience this deep abiding love and forgiveness for all when I’m in this beingness state. I also feel this way with meditation, sometimes with exercising, or being in nature. Natural endorphins I guess.

Because I have practiced just being so much, I can go into this elevated state if I choose, not always, but usually, though not for extended periods of time because I need other energetic states to accomplish different objectives, life requires practicality.

I especially shift to this state when holding space when there’s an upsetting situation. I’d frequently utilize it in nursing where I’d encounter agitated, emotional, often out of control people. It helps, it really does. Highly recommend a going within, just being love, spiritual practice. It can only help, so it’s a win-win, no brainer.

Sometimes while meditating, I wish I could just stay that way all the time, it feels so wonderful, like a peaceful ecstasy. It’s so warm, bright, the light and lightness, weightless while also feeling this magnitude of love, you don’t want to open your eyes, it’s better within, but you can’t stay, you’ve got to do physical stuff too 🙂

Why not choose to stay in this warm, fuzzy energetic state all the time?

For me, I need to come down to earth in order to handle earthly matters, lol. I do need to have boundaries in my encounters. Yes, we are one energy of love in spirit, but here in earthly terms, we are all playing different characters and roles. If someone is behaving inappropriately, unlovlingly, I need to be able to respond accordingly in order to enforce healthy boundaries which are loving of my physical, human self as well as the others I’m engaging with.

But later I can remember the truth, that we’re all this one love in spirit and I can let go and forgive. I can process and release my trauma and emotions as an ongoing practice so I can be healthier and more loving. I can choose to cultivate relationships with healthy, loving people, surrounding myself with as much love, peace, and harmony as possible.

I can choose to work and live in healthy loving environments too.

I really do have choices and am not totally subject to the whims of this earthly world.

I am happy with the way my loving choices are panning out these days, how about y’all?

Going to snuggle down now, still feeling all this warm, fuzzy, murmuring, purring of love from the depths of me, like a glowing ember. Love y’all ?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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