Kissing Finches

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I went for a walk today! It got up to 65 degrees and it was beautiful, sunny with a breeze. The sky was a deep blue with swoopy white clouds. The birds were happy and chirpy too. I had a big grin the whole time as I took it all in, inhaling deeply and absorbing the shimmering landscape. The snow was melting in pools and puddles which reflected the barren branches and the sky, mirror images like an Escher print.

I listened to Stature courses by Steve Pavlina and caught myself laughing out loud throughout. Highly informative, transformative and enjoyable! I meandered along stopping to take photos as the scenery catches me in awe. I have thousands of them (12,570 on my phone so far). I love taking photos. One day I’d like to get a professional camera and experiment for fun.

I saw some cute crows and wanted to take their pictures, but didn’t want to intrude upon them so I just smiled crazily at them wishing I could pet their heads. When I see squirrels I wish I could hold their paws and dance with them, lol. The bunnies I want to hug and the little finchy sparrowy birds, I wish I could have them perch on my finger and I’d give them a kiss on the point of their beaks.

I was on my way back home and noticed the time, I hurried the rest of the way and met Drue at the bottom of the stairs to our apartment as he was walking to work, just in time to see him off with a hug and a peck.

It’s gonna be so wonderful now that it’s warming up to be able to go on my nature walks! I love them so very much. I feel so indulged by the beauty here. I plan on going to more parks and exploring more in the mountains this year. I want to be in the wildflowers. I also want to see a sunflower field in person. They’re so stunning in photos.

It’s already Wednesday! I think I have all of this time and it just poofs! My gradoux cootie fest is subsiding now, I’m feeling almost human again 🙂

I’m overcome by waves of sadness randomly with memories and images flashing and then emotions of gratitude too, brief roller coastery emotions. So thankful for all of the love and wonderful memories. Sending love to my California relatives, all of us missing uncle Michi.

I admit I’ve not been as productive as I’d wanted this week so far. Instead, I chose to binge Locke and Key, finished it before I began blogging tonight, heh 🙂 Sucked into the vortex of Netflix, lol. It’s ok though, I’m resting up, healing my cold, yeah, that’s the ticket ?

These daily posts have not been as substantive as my previous infrequent postings, but they’ve been a good practice, to get me in the habit of writing, so that it’s easier for me. I’ve been enjoying it more than I expected.

Throughout the day I’ll find myself thinking what do I wanna write about? I do have strong views and opinions that I want to get on my soapbox about, but when the time comes, I am not feeling it. Because I’m so passionate about these issues, I know I need a large block of time to do it right. So I plan on doing a soapbox series of posts/videos 🙂 soonish, lol.

For now, I’m content with writing about fantasies of kissing finches, lmao. They’re so itty and adorable though! I can’t help myself. I wanna give them all the smooches! Don’t y’all?! Yay, it’s almost spring! ????‍♂️

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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