The Logical Heart Knows Best

Okay, it’s settled for real, my main priority, for now, is health. No excuses, I have none, lol. It’s been more difficult than I expected to keep resting these past few days, but I made myself because it’s helping. All I keep thinking about is how hard it must be for people who struggle with health issues and are limited and have to rest because they really have no other option. It made me appreciate being healthy even more. I have a new resolve and determination to do all that I can to improve my health.

I’ve been so thankful that we have the internet. I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube and Ted Talks. I found this cool website https://www.moralmarkets.org/resources/tedx-talks/

I then watched a Ted Talk about a person who’s been a man and then a woman by Paula Stone Williams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrYx7HaUlMY It was validating and touching too, inspiring.

I felt like I became one with the futon today like I was a big square squishy mutant with hands cradling a laptop. Tomorrow I am not staying in bed, I can’t take it anymore. I will not overdo it though because I’ve relapsed into more yuck these past weeks when I did. Every week I tell myself, this week you will be all the way better. I recite in my head, every day you’re getting better and better, lol.

To boost my health I will incorporate more raw fruits and veggies if I can find them. I will go to another store if I have to. I feel fortunate for the food we’ve been able to get, but there’s been less fresh produce available.

Something that struck me today was a social media post that was critical of people who are privileged and they were angry saying that the fortunate ones were flaunting the fact that they were thriving during the pandemic. They said it was disrespectful to people who are suffering.

It’s like this even without the pandemic though, there are always some people thriving and others who are suffering and the disparities are so vast. It’s sad that it’s this way. I understand what the person was trying to say, they were frustrated that people suffer, at the injustice of it all.

I am thankful for being safe, fed, and warm. We are doing okay, you could say we are privileged. Is it disrespectful for me to say that I’ve been resting and lounging around? It’s not what I normally do, but for the time being it’s the truth of what I’m doing. Everyone is so upset, it’s understandable, I get it. Hopefully, this has raised awareness of some harsh truths we’ve been able to avoid, minimize, and deny. Maybe there will be more conscious actions, community participation, and activism.

I’m attempting to research and educate myself because then I may be able to get a more accurate idea of where I can focus my energies into actions that align with my values. The more I know, the likelier I’ll get closer to some truth. There are so many cultural perspectives and spins on information that you have to dive deep in order to find objective facts and threads of objective reality. I’d like to be investing in what will create the greatest positive impact.

I’m also accepting that this hierarchy of power and privilege is entrenched and those who are benefitting by the exploitation of others are not likely to budge very much if at all. They will likely feel they’re being persecuted when their entitlements are threatened and they have to live in a more equitable, egalitarian, interdependent, beneficent, and respectful manner.

It was so inspiring watching America in Color, seeing people stand up for their rights though it cost many of them their lives. I was thinking about how my parents lived through that and how we have been raised by parents who were from a segregated racist sexist discriminatory culture. No wonder there is still such resistance and hatred to this day. It hasn’t been that long. It’s been passed down, embedded in our society.

As time goes on it will get better and better, but it’s up to us as a collective to make it so.

If I want to become more vocal, participate more, become more active in promoting positive change, then my health needs to be at an optimal level so I have the energy to do it!

It’s basic, I know, but most of us aren’t that stellar at keeping up healthy habits which include not sacrificing our health to make money. Many of us sacrifice our health for our jobs. It’s the truth. I have. Does it have to be that way? I’m thinking not, but I don’t know? That’s why I’m researching and learning about it. Couldn’t we do better? I think so. We have done better thanks to the brave people who stood up in recent history. Maybe we need to accelerate the process?

Getting healthier so I can accelerate.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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