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I can not place a value on my prodigious experience in the Conscious Growth Club, it is incalculable. How do you put a price tag on personal transformation along with changing the timelines of your life, or breaking free from your own self-imprisonment? Joining CGC has been worth every penny a kajillion times over.

Since joining CGC my life has rapidly progressed to what I’d been envisioning. I didn’t even know if it would actually be possible, but here I am, free of a career that was burning me out and killing my health, enjoying the best environment ever while free to pursue my path with a heart, The Logical Heart Knows Best.

I began reading Steve Pavlina’s blog in 2008, was a member of the online forums, and attended a Conscious Growth Workshop in October 2010. I’d been exploring personal development and spirituality in earnest for years by then, but Personal Development for Smart People and Steve’s blog/forum helped me take giant leaps in improving my life. CGC has helped me make further ginormous exponential leaps.

I’ve always felt like an outlier and when I found Steve’s site I felt like I came home. The community is open-minded, free-thinking, accepting, warm, embracing, supportive, loving, caring, and playful with a full spectrum of unique and generous people from all over the world! It’s such an enriching, inclusive, positive space where we freely share ideas, tips, and tricks, resources where there’s high trust. We’re able to be vulnerable, open up, and share difficulties while receiving validation, support, and helpful insights.

I stay motivated and inspired by being part of a group where everyone is actively, consciously working on creating their best selves and most expressive, purposeful, beneficent lives. It’s helped me develop courage, clarity, and strength to create new habits and take action in changing my life for the better. To break free from what was no longer aligned with what was right for me. I have a community of incredible people to help keep me on track. I could never find such an amazing group of people all in one place like this. It’s so beautiful! I’m amazed and grateful to be part of it!

There is so much incredible content, that it’s ridiculous. There are courses, like Deep Abundance, Submersion, and Stature. There are coaching calls that are recorded. There’s the forum. There are other mastermind groups amongst members. There’s online socialization with members in the Watercooler. There are monthly group challenges. There is guided quarterly planning. There’s also Conscious Conversations which is a guest speaker also recorded. There are bonus materials. There’s so much!

The ideas, the framing, and perspectives in CGC have kept me open to the possibility of more. That the more I expose myself to a variety of ideas and methods, the more my world expands and the more can happen in unanticipated ways because I’m more curious, trusting, open-minded, and brave. CGC keeps me expanding and taking action.

But most of all CGC is family. They always have my back. And I know that even though when I’m busy taking action in my life and don’t engage as much in CGC, there’s no pressure or expectations. I pick back up where I left off, no worries.

All of the jaw-dropping, happy changes that happened in unanticipated ways have been because of the changes I’ve made thanks to all of the loving sharing and support of Steve, Rachelle, and CGC. It’s helped everything align to help me get to where I wanna faster. I even got to reconnect with my California family during this time and that helped even more. I keep having to pinch myself! I feel so fortunate and am so thankful.

I began the Stature course in January and just finished it today! Wow! I loved it! Now I have further clarity on ways to grow my character into one that propels the story on my path with a heart, where I’m creating on purpose in cooperation and service to life in ways that are uniquely expressed through me.

I thought it would take many more years to get to this point if at all. I’m so excited to dive back into creating. Since November I’ve been busy taking action, making changes where I was creating less, but now I’m ready to engage and start down this new path, pandemic be damned.

Yeah CGC may seem pricey, but I’m here to say you get infinitely more than your money’s worth. I was determined to sign up again, didn’t know how I’d come up with the funds, but the stars aligned and I made it! So thrilled!

I can’t wait to take more giant leaps on my path with a heart! So thankful for CGC and my life now, despite the pandemic. It’ll be a catalyst for change though for sure. We’re all growing through this.

Michelle Miyagi

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