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I got everything done on my new daily routine plan for the first time today, yay! I got even more done on top of that too! I mailed my Ancestry DNA test, tried to fit in the mail slot but no go, so I walked to the post office and got my walk done too. I started building my family tree, had to google relatives, and was surprised at how much information they have archived online, pretty cool!

I was looking for partially used notebooks to use for writing and came across some old journals. There was one I kept from a drama class I took in 1988 or ’89. I skimmed through it and was struck by how small my life was back then and how feisty I was. All I could think was, I’ve come a long way and it made me appreciate my life now all the more. I was a different person back then, it was hard to recognize her, it didn’t feel like me. I also came across old food logs from around that time, when I was in nursing school, what a huge difference from now, wow.

Everything has changed so much for the better and that makes me feel good. All of my years of effort in changing my habits, my lifestyle, environment, relationships, and working on my personal development /spirituality have paid off.

Sometimes I look at other people and wish I could be as accomplished and productive as they are. I have to remember that we can’t compare ourselves to others because we are different people who’ve had different lives. So when I find evidence of how I’ve grown from years ago, it sinks in that I have a lot to pat myself on the back about. It boosts my confidence and self-esteem. It inspires me to keep going.

It may seem daunting to try new things or develop better habits, but if you keep trying eventually you succeed. So what if you miss a day or deviate from the plan, there’s always tomorrow when you can try again. You keep getting practice and pretty soon you’ve made a change and now it’s in your repertoire. Plus it’s easier to make other changes too because you’ve developed some discipline and structure while boosting your confidence because you did it!

I never thought I’d be able to keep a diary or journal consistently. I tried all throughout my youth. You know how you’d get diaries as gifts, the ones with the little lock and key, lol. I’d fill a few pages, then nothing, ha! I kept food journals and would sometimes write little notes complaining about something, lol. Then I kept that journal in drama class in college, but even then I got a grade of B on it because I stopped journaling a month or so too soon.

Finally, when I did the Artist’s Way book in 2006 I began a consistent journaling practice. Since then I’ve journaled whenever I felt the need for more clarity. I make time for it because it is transformative and therapeutic. I plan on maintaining a somewhat consistent journaling practice for the rest of my life.

It’s the number one habit you can do that will improve your life because you can’t hide from yourself if you journal. The second habit that has helped me most is walking in nature. The third habit that is also a mainstay is solitude, quiet, and meditation. If you practice these you will have results within a few weeks. You will be more grounded, clear, in touch with your emotions/your true thoughts and you’ll know more of what’s right for you. It will help you feel empowered and supported by the universe.

These habits are part of my daily routine now. I’m adding a fourth habit which has to do with my nutrition. When I practiced this in years past it helped me dramatically, but it’s more challenging for me to keep up when I’m stressed because I’m an emotional eater though I have it pretty much under control since 2006. I am not stressed right now except for the pandemic, so I am increasing the raw fruits and veggies in my diet. It’s increasing my energy level, it feels so good.

Anyone want to join in with me and try practicing these daily habits?


Nature Walk


Raw Fruits and Veggies

These habits all work in synergy with each other, it’s rejuvenating and healing. I think y’all will like what happens if you even try it for a week. Or you can stagger the habits, adding them when you’re ready until you’ve got all 4 going.

I plan on keeping these habits as mainstays for years to come because they work. I want to stay as healthy as possible so I can enjoy this beautiful life.

I read every day. Reading is an excellent habit. I want to keep learning and growing, to keep engaged and connected, to stay agile. I don’t see how I can do this without reading. Not reading is a recipe for stagnation in my view. There was a stretch of time when I was really tired and burned out with work and life stressors where I didn’t read, it was a bleak time.

I’m so excited to be listening to music again. I’d listen to it in the car, but I haven’t been driving. I’m enjoying listening to a new song every day, a new habit I’m starting to enrich my experience. Music used to be a big part of my life and I miss it. So glad that I’m having the space to enjoy it again. I will make music a mainstay too.

Building up my mainstay habits here, yay! Feeling accomplished!

Michelle Miyagi

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