It’s Never Too Late to Grow

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I feel so spoiled with all of this time. Yet it’s never enough time, lol because I’m so greedy! I am enjoying myself so much that I find more that I’m interested in and I can’t squeeze it all in. Guess that’s a good thing! So I’m having to prioritize even when I have all of this space, it fills up so quickly!

I’m finding it difficult to just lounge and visit with my partner, omg, don’t tell! Maybe I’ve overscheduled my days if I’m feeling that way. I need to be more flexible to have social time too. It’s funny that when I was working I was too tired so I was perfectly fine with lounging and visiting. Now that I’m feeling more energized I want to do so much. It’s like I’m trying to make up for lost time.

The adjacent foothills are calling to me. I’ve not explored the roads that go straight into them and am wondering if it would be okay for me to do that now, just go for a drive, look at the millions of dollar houses tucked away in there ? I’m so curious and have time and energy with the freedom to explore. I would stay in my car, so it should be okay? There are also places to hike there and I’ve been wanting to scope it out.

My energy is picking up with eating more raw foods. I missed eating my huge salad one day and could feel the difference. It’s amazing how zingy it makes you feel, it’s like a mood enhancer. I feel so decadent eating berries in the sunshine every day too! I should be wearing a toga and a halo of leaves, heh.

I keep seeing new additions of painted rocks around the complex. It’s so cheery, little surprises everywhere. Simple offerings of goodwill and kindness… “Hey, we may be stuck indoors, but we still got you.”

I found myself wondering why some people don’t have any plans or goals. Why they are content with staying in place where their only wish is to stay comfortable and avoid change as much as possible. They will do the same things day in and day out. No new interests, stay at a low paying, boring job counting the minutes until their shift is done. Then counting the days until their days off. Then spending their days off passively, watching TV, sleeping, playing video games, etc. No reading, no curiosity, maybe read some things online, like discussion forums, the news. And that’s their life. No plans for the future, just keep things the same.

Maybe that’s the norm? As long as there’s shelter, food, a few creature comforts and safety, the basics met, then that’s enough? Why are some people proactive and have the drive to grow, experiment, explore and seize life while others are content to live reactively and stay small, playing it safe? Is it neurology, genetics, personality, intelligence, socialization, culture, or what?

I get curious about how we can all be so drastically, enormously different from each other, and yet also be the same in so many aspects too? Sometimes I get myself stumped trying to reach understanding. I’ve learned that some things just won’t compute and it’s okay. I don’t have to understand everything. So I let it go.

I’m so thankful I’m in the Conscious Growth Club because they’re into personal growth like I am! It’s so refreshing! I am inspired and energized every day when I check in on the forums. There are other people who are taking life by the reins by embracing growth, exploration, and experimentation. They are courageously forging their best lives and selves by living purposefully and passionately in alignment with truth on their paths with a heart.

It’s hard for me to see others squandering their opportunities, but that’s just the way I view it. In their view they’re doing just fine and have everything they could ever want, they think they’re perfectly okay the way they are, even if they leave drama and heartache in their wake, they’re content, so who am I to judge? It’s their life to live as they see fit. There’s room for all of us to live in the ways we want to and be A-star-stars if we wanna, lol. I just can’t help but think, what if everyone was actively engaged in personal growth? Wouldn’t that make the whole world a better place?

If you have access to a library or internet you can begin your personal growth journey right now. Actually, if you have a pen and paper, that’s a beginning. You can journal and begin to grow with each page you write. Your awareness will begin to expand, just from the simple acts of reading and writing. You can practice meditation, all that takes is you. It’s not a difficult thing to start somewhere.

Anyone who complains of being bored? Those are the people who would benefit from exploring personal growth. It’s hard to get bored when you’re exploring and growing. There’s always gonna be an interesting new challenge in personal growth. If you’re bored then you’re not stretching yourself far enough.

It’s never too late to start.

Over the next months I will be stretching myself more and more because I feel like it’s my responsibility to. I want to do my part in making the world a better place. I am taking steps to grow myself into a person that can be of more benefit to myself as well as others. I’m determined to figure it out and go for it. Why not?

I’m listening to a book called It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again by Julia Cameron. It’s inspiring me to keep going, just like CGC is inspiring me to keep going and blogging here, sharing every day is inspiring me to keep going.

I am thankful for this ?

I want to make certain I do everything within my power to do my part.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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