A Ginormous Hug From The Universe

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I ventured out today for something non-essential. I took a short drive in the foothills that I’ve been curious about since we moved here. I’d driven that way once during the night and turned back because I didn’t want to get stuck on a treacherous drive as I have before.

Whoa, it was amazing! I didn’t know all the stunning scenery was so nearby! There’s Deer Creek Canyon Park less than 5 miles away. I drove around to see the secluded houses near there nestled in the mountains. The mountains were gleaming lush and green in the brilliant sun against a backdrop of vivid blue sky with thrusts of red rock jutting from the ground. Stunning! The light here is so much brighter, or maybe it’s my imagination? What a beautiful, quick, leisurely drive. I would love to live there someday. It’s fun to dream.

I am loving the internet these days. I attended a CGC Movie Club video meeting to discuss the movie Little Women. It’s so wonderful to chat, joke around and hear what other people thought of the movie. What a great idea. I’m so thankful we can still socialize thanks to technology.

When I was journaling today, I was wondering if it’s okay to want things and how much is it reasonable to have? Where’s the boundary? If anyone else in the world does not have their basic needs met, then doesn’t humanity need to help them? How do we organize that, though? Like if I were a billionaire, how would I go about helping everyone?

What would I do if I were a billionaire? I hear people calling billionaires evil. Would I be an evil billionaire? Lol.

Is it selfish or wasteful to want much more than your basic needs? Would it help others if I lived frugally and donated the rest of my money to worthy causes so more people would have food? How does it all really work? How can I make the biggest impact to help the most people?

These are things I think about when I begin to dream about living in my own home in the mountains. Then I laugh to myself because it’s just a daydream. If I were ever to become wealthy, I’d figure out the boundaries, and it would be okay. It’s not evil to want more of life.

I am receiving more from life and as far as I can tell, I’m not evil, lol. It’s like I’m retired for the moment and I’m getting to work on all the things I’ve had to put aside, or only work on them bit by bit. Now I can spend large sections of time doing what I want with no pressure to hurry up as before when bills were looming. It’s such an expansive feeling to be free like this. Today was a smooth, gorgeous, productive day and I still have energy reserves, I hope this keeps up!

I finally finished a third draft of the personal essay exercise in Chapter 2 of One Year to a Writing Life. I’m not accustomed to revising and rewriting, not since school. I was resisting it somewhat because it’s tedious. But when I did it today, I was pleased because it turned out much better than the other drafts and it felt fantastic to have it morph like that. It felt magical. So yeah, I’m enjoying the writing.

I’ve been listening to more books on writing hoping it will sink into my brain by immersing myself in multiple ways. If I’m saturated with it, something’s gotta stick.

I feel like I’m rich with all of this freedom and the energy to enjoy it. I’m listening to music, venturing out on frivolous drives where I find stunning mountain parks practically in my backyard, eating berries in the sunshine, taking glorious photos on my daily nature walks, writing my heart out, reading and listening to books, watching movies, visiting with friends and family online, being silly with my partner, drinking fancy tea, taking long luxurious baths, playing guitar, relishing the birdsong and marveling at the daredevil swallows from my balcony during every spectacular sunset. Am I dreaming? I’ve finally arrived smack dab in my vision board that’s come to life. Grateful. Sweet relief. Ahhhh, it’s so good. I could keep doing this for a long while.

I wish everyone could experience this. It’s like a ginormous hug from the universe. Now my heart’s leaking out through my eyes again, lol.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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