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About ten years ago I’d been consuming many books on spirituality and personal development. I reached the point where I was able to maintain a high vibe and to stay mindful and in the now/moment much of the time. I’d convinced myself that my energy would help flow the right people and situations into my life. That somehow this would add a layer of protection for me, if I remained fearless and positive, then not much untoward would happen because I wasn’t inviting those negative aspects into my life.

As the years have gone on I see that’s only part of the equation. Believing because I don’t entertain the notion that bad things could happen if I stay happy and positive that will guarantee that nothing negative could happen can be doubly disappointing when adversity does occur. And then you’re left wondering if you’ve failed, that somehow unconsciously you brought it upon yourself. It places blame on you for not practicing your positivity, maintaining your energy effectively enough, when actually, the world can be more random where no matter what you do shit happens.

Like, am I to blame if I’m minding my own business and I’m attacked because I’m Asian? Because I may have some subconscious fear surrounding this due to past experiences, it’s in my vibration and my energy, so I drew that experience to me? There are objective, non-energetic things that happen at random. I don’t have total control over everything and that’s actually a big burden to believe that I do. There are things that happen no matter how our energy is. To believe otherwise is just magical thinking. That’s like saying that everyone that gets sick attracted that experience to them by their negative thoughts and energy. Or that every person who has been attacked brought it upon themselves because of their thoughts and fears about the possibility of being harmed.

I love Abe-Hicks, those ideas and practices are good tools, but they’re not the universal cure-all answer. It’s just one part of the puzzle here.

No matter how excellent we are at controlling our energy, there is no guarantee that we won’t meet with adversity. I do believe that our attitudes, intentions, and how we focus our energy influences our lives and what happens to an extent, but I don’t buy that it’s all-powerful. There are too many other people’s energies and objective factors that are at play. It’s much more complex than, “Oh, I don’t even allow that thought to enter my mind, so that bad thing won’t happen.”

The belief that if we’re fearless and high vibed that we can be safe doing anything, is comparable to how adolescents are when they feel invincible and take risks that adults view as immature, naive and impulsive. We still need our rational objective logic to guide us as well. It’s wonderful to be positive and take risks when following our dreams, but that needs to be tempered with objective facts too. Like I am more wary and observant these days because of my race. Is that cautiousness attracting people to attack me? Because I’m being careful just in case? Will I be targeted because I do have a rational fear? I view this as being smart and loving of myself to keep my eyes open and use caution.

Back ten years ago I was cheerful, sociable, and smiling towards everyone. Some men thought I was flirting with them and that garnered uninvited attention which I viewed as negative. I didn’t have any fears or bad vibes yet I attracted something I viewed as negative. I learned that if you’re too nice to some people they see it as a sexual invitation. Where is the energy line there? That was not my intention, but it still happened. So yeah, positive energy and having a high vibe is not the be all end all.

There needs to be a balance between using your focus and energy while also being practical, logical, and objective. There are other people out there who aren’t in control of their actions or energy and if you happen to encounter them, does your energy overpower theirs so your good vibe outdoes their bad vibe? I think not. There is more randomness and chaos here so we need to use our heads too while also following our hearts.

I’ve found it’s best to stay open and keep exploring different tools and methods to live your best life. So you have a swiss army knife of approaches at the ready. There is no one size fits all approach here. When I discover that something is not working for me anymore I try something else. Being so positive, high vibed, and focused on maintaining that at all costs can disconnect you from your common sense and compassion.

All of our emotions are valuable and some are downright low vibed and negative. They’re there for a reason and we need to honor them as well. They allow us to have compassion and empathy. They signal to us that something needs tending to, or needs TLC and healing. It’s also natural to have fears. Some are rational and others are not, but just because we have them doesn’t mean we are attracting bad things to happen to us. Just as long as we don’t let irrational fears hold us back from living our best lives then it’s okay to have a full range of energetic offerings. As long as we don’t get stuck in what doesn’t serve us, it’s cool.

I hope this helps someone who has become disillusioned with practicing intentions, the law of attraction, high vibes, and such. I got frustrated with it over the years when it didn’t seem to be working its magic, that’s because it’s not so simple, all our healthy practices are only tools to help enhance our lives, but they do not control everything that happens. That remains a mystery.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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