The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’ve recently listened to books on productivity and there were lots of excellent tips. I know there are all sorts of apps and methods to help manage projects and your time. I’ve never been able to organize my life that way. The tight structure and time invested in the complicated techniques have made it more complicated so I got overwhelmed and less productive, lol.

I’ve always made lists and that’s been effective to keep everything manageable. Some things stayed on my list and I never got to it, lol. Turned out it wasn’t important after all. I also experiment, group, and shuffle my activities around to fit the day. I need flexibility and variety or else I rebel. I can not maintain an overly militant schedule, there has to be room to breathe and play too.

The issue for the past five years that confronts me to this day is my energy level. If I don’t have enough energy, it’s challenging to be productive. Now that I do not have to report to a job with set hours I can spend my days figuring out how to improve my energy. Plus the job was an energy-draining culprit itself.

So far I’ve discovered I need at least 7 hours of sleep or else I struggle, fighting fatigue the whole day. I used to think 6 hours was enough, but that was when I was working and didn’t know better. I knew that compared to 4 hours, 6 felt good, lol. I didn’t have a consistent sleeping pattern to be able to determine what was optimal. Typically I sleep 7-8 hours now, I haven’t been using an alarm, except for when there’s something scheduled and even then I’ve been awakening before the alarm goes off.

I now have more time to prepare food, which means improved nutrition. Before I’d often be exhausted and would reach for foods that were easier to make. When I was stressed and tired from work I’d also eat more comfort foods that aren’t as healthy or energy-boosting but are sedating. Now with all of this freedom, I’ve been eating mostly salads and fruits. I’ve finally tried wheatgrass which has been on my list for years. Next, I will try sprouting and dehydrating which I’ve also been wanting to try. I love the little food blender I got last year, I can make smoothies so easily. I’ve tried stopping caffeine in the past but noticed no difference, but I was working nights then. After I finish the coffee I have I’m gonna see how it is with no coffee. I’ve been noticing a late afternoon slump. Sometimes I take a short nap 15-30 mins and it helps.

I’ve been walking almost every day weather permitting. Now I’m taking two walks a day, it’s helping. I’m wary of attempting more strenuous activity yet because I’m still recovering from being sick from what I suspect was the virus. The lingering congestion in my lungs is improving every week and the hand rash is almost gone. When those clear up I will begin doing workouts. I know from past experience that doing workouts improves my energy levels.

This week my meditation practice fell off and I noticed a drastic difference in my ability to stay focused and had an overall lower mood. Today I made sure to meditate, it really does help. I will continue meditating daily.

I’ve been connecting more online in video conferencing and it’s uplifting, energizing, and mood-enhancing. It also keeps me motivated to keep up with interesting activities and exploration so I have something to share when we meet up. I’ve been loving it! Before with work, my schedule prevented me from attending or I’d be too tired. I also love Skyping with the kids, so thankful for technology!

I’ve been journaling which helps me process my inner workings to keep me more self-aware and in tune with my truth. I release a lot of petty annoyances and deeper struggles too. I get clarity and stay honest with myself this way which promotes harmony and alignment for peace. When I’m peaceful, my energy flows more evenly. Journaling helps remove energetic blocks. I’ve also been keeping a dream journal, it helps me with the more unconscious workings of my psyche. This helps free up blocked energy even further.

Nature is always energizing for me. I’ve been spending more time on the balcony, writing, and eating. I will deliberately pause and take it all in, breathe deeply, and appreciate the glorious spread before me. The earth is always giving and nurturing us with her beauty. I’ve also started a countertop and balcony garden. Watching things grow affirms the life force that animates us all. Seeing a fresh shoot is inspiring and energizing. When I’m walking I stop and take photos of insects, trees, flowers, the sky, birds, bunnies, deer, squirrels, communing with the wildlife is exhilarating, I stand in awe every time. It’s like the earth is renewing me when I’m outside appreciating nature.

Playfulness and humor help keep me upbeat and energized. I intentionally cultivate silliness in my thoughts and actions because it feels good to have fun. I notice things that strike me as cute and comment on them. I have objects that make me smile when I look at them, that evoke good, fun memories. I blow bubbles and talk to the birds and the plants. I’ve been meaning to get in the habit of dancing every day. Gonna start now. Shake your booty time.

Enriching activities, exploring curiosities, and self-care. I’ve been listening to music, watching movies, streaming shows with my partner, reading, listening to books, googling things I’m curious about, doing online courses/clubs, doing workbooks, going on short drives to check out millions of dollar houses, researching ways to make our balcony an oasis, etc. I’ve been taking a long bath every day. And I’ve been sipping on warm, comforting tea all day. I’m getting a sketchbook next grocery run. I’ve been practicing guitar, Duolingo Japanese, and touch typing, not religiously, but when I feel like it.

Human touch, hugs and cuddles. I get hugs and smooches every day.

These are all things I’m doing to improve my energy. It’s only been this month that I’ve been well enough to consistently do all of these things. I’m hoping that by August I’ll see a definitive improvement. I’m tired of being tired! Lol ?

Sharing in hopes that others will try some of these things too so we can all reap the benefits of more energy!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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