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I got a sketchpad the other day and some drawing pencils. I’d gotten some months ago, but returned them when our funds were low. I haven’t tried sketching anything yet, I feel intimidated. A book I’m listening to, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again suggests it for increasing my creativity. The last time I practiced drawing and painting regularly was in college. I just took them out of the desk drawer and put them in view so I won’t forget about it.

I finally planted today, all the pots on the balcony are happy now. I’m slowly making the balcony into my office. This apartment is small, with no room for private office space, but there’s a nice balcony with birds and sky! I love eating out there too, I pretend I’m in Paris soaking up the sun, savoring it all from my hidden perch.

Each time I blog, I first try to think of something helpful to write about, and if nothing comes to mind I blog about the fleeting moments of the day. I’ve got 210 days of this blogging challenge left, lol. I just had a Gardein Ultimate Burger, it’s the first time we’ve tried them. It was pretty tasty, it got more firm and crispy than a Beyond Burger and tasted more planty, less meaty. I tried the Tofurkey, and Light Life burgers in recent months….blechy. The Impossible Burger tastes too real, didn’t like it, grossed me out. Beyond Burger is the favorite.

I attended a video meeting about how to start a business, it was fun and informative. It warms my heart meeting with everyone with us all listening and sharing together. My face gets tired from smiling, but I can’t help it, everyone is so lovely. There are so many people I absolutely adore. Every day I’m so grateful. The time goes by so quickly, I’m so engrossed in all of the interesting things I’m getting to do now.

I learned that the main thing to do when starting a business is to keep building skills while experimenting and taking action. Just jump in and try different things. If there’s something that you’re not good at you can outsource it. And it helps if you meet up with other people who are also entrepreneurs, especially those who are farther along the way, they can be mentors and give valuable feedback.

While you are skill building and trying different things you’ll begin to notice opportunities and will be able to take advantage of them because you know how to do stuff now. So it’s a process that takes time to learn and build upon, just like anything else. You just have to keep at it. If something isn’t working out, you pivot and try something else. And no time is wasted because you’re learning and developing along the way, just like life. Cool.

I haven’t gotten as much done this week as I planned, but it was well spent. I will catch up on projects tomorrow. I still get amazed by how quickly time passes now. I’m enjoying these days so much, it goes faster when I’m having fun.

I got some fun stuff on my grocery trip earlier this week too. Some black and white comfy leggings, that remind me of a retro 80’s print, I’m wearing them now and this sequined case that’s for 8in tablets that I couldn’t resist. When you run your fingers across the sequins it switches from rainbow to opalescent silver. They each cost one dollar! I feel festive. It’s nice to treat yourself sometimes with little fun items that light you up. When you see them or wear them you become perkier and bouncier.

I broke down and ordered some books since the library’s been closed. I got On Writing by Stephen King, The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher (we’re reading that in the CGC book club). I’ve discovered I don’t like reading books on the computer. Maybe I need to get an e-reader eventually.

I also treated myself to some anniversary cake with fresh strawberries, cherries, and a dollop of coconut vanilla non-dairy yogurt. I ate it in “Paris” on the balcony accompanied by the swallows and sky. It was really delicious and I felt all fancy. Then I had fragrant warm earl grey tea. I made my jars of moisturizer today too. I mix vanilla with virgin unrefined coconut oil, it smells divine.

The toilet handle broke before bed last night and I rigged it with a ribbon. We put in a repair request. I could’ve fixed it because I’ve replaced toilet handles several times in the past, but they have maintenance here with new handles at the ready.

Drue went to bathe this morning and said, “Watch, they’ll come to fix it while I’m in the tub,” and sure enough that’s what happened. The repair person was nice and came back a couple of hours later. They fixed it while I was in my entrepreneur meeting. It also thundered and lightninged really loud and close with a short burst of rain during the meeting. Good thing I can mute my mic.

The two walks a day are helping with my energy level, I’m hoping there’ll be a dent in my weight loss too. One of the best things about living here is the ability to go for nature walks right outside my door. I love the way they’ve integrated green space, hiking, and bike trails everywhere here. I feel so spoiled.

Enough of my rambling about little joys. Maybe I’ll be more inspired tomorrow, lol.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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