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I’m taking a course on developing your intuition by Erin Pavlina. I believe my intuition is strongest in clairsentience and claircognizance, but after I did some meditations on clairvoyance in the course I wonder if I just need more practice. Maybe I can improve my intuition after all! Fun!

In one of the clairvoyant exercises, my guides wrote love, poop, kraken, and tallyho. Lol, I think that may have just been me and not guides. In another one, I saw a train traveling towards mountains through a tunnel of big, green leaves with blue sky and white puffy clouds above. In the last exercise, in my mind’s eye, a large oak tree grew colorful flowers with sparkling light bursting from them. Then I was lifted up into the tree, through the branches into a golden light. I floated above the canopy of the forest into the glowing sky, the wind billowing gently, warming me. There were trees as far as the eye could see, the horizon hazy with deep pink fading up into amber hues then yellow then pale blue, then sky blue. I felt cradled, supported, and loved beyond measure. Silent tears leaked from my eyes IRL. What a lovely exercise. I can’t wait to do some more of the course tomorrow!

I still haven’t sketched yet, I did watch a video on how to use the pencils and charcoal. I played guitar and tried the Uberchord app, but deleted it. I like the free online guitar tutorials I’ve found better. I listened to music and found myself enjoying some Disney, a guilty pleasure, heh. I wanted to sing along from the balcony but then imagined neighbors shouting at me, “STFU!”

Today was a productive day. I’m pleased. I want more days like this, then more and more, lol.

My goal is to schedule in time to participate more in the CGC forums. I’m still tweaking my routine and my main goal is improving my energy level and health so I can be more productive. So far it’s working. Taking two walks a day is helping so much. I just got a letter today that said I was approved for health insurance, so the next step is to find a doctor and schedule an appointment for a checkup. Don’t know if that’s a good idea yet, waiting to see the trajectory of the pandemic. I expect there will probably be surges, we’ll see what happens.

I’m also listening to a book called Bee Season by Myla Goldberg, on part 11 now. It’s a fictional tale about a family and its dynamics. It’s layered and detailed with beautiful descriptors, flowing flawlessly. It’s helping me learn about character development, weaving the past into the present, ways of describing so that you inhabit the character. It’s overall so skillfully done with surprising unexpected intimate quirky details. I’m hoping that by reading and listening to more I’ll get the knack of it. I’m writing on Carokashu, but it’s not with that flair and polish to where you’re inhabiting the characters or feel like you’re there in the scenes. I’m beginning to see that writing is a lot of work, it’s a process that you get good at by practicing and learning from others.

I’m trying to figure out how best to spend my time while also having some variety, balance, and fun. I don’t want to be a madwoman and be crushing it. I just listened to the book, Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk, I got exhausted thinking about doing all that social media stuff, meh. Maybe I could outsource some of that kind of stuff if it’s really needed to have a business. I made progress on the social learning course I’m working on. I’m having fun though it’s taking some brain work.

I’m learning that I can’t expect to sustain hours upon hours of deep focus, so I have to save my concentration for the priority projects, then do less demanding things when my brain gets tired. I have to be flexible. I have sets of activities that vary in their mental energy demands so that I can pick and choose accordingly. I feel rich in having so much to choose from so that it’s a constant flow of invitations to learn and grow. I don’t know how anyone can ever say that they’re bored unless they’re in a situation where they’re being told what to do. Left to our own devices there is so much to keep us engaged and occupied, how could we ever be bored?

Feeling thankful for no boredom and for time to heal.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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