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I finished an Intuition Development Program by Erin Pavlina today; it was fun! There are helpful meditations I can do repeatedly to help me practice tuning in to my intuition. Next, I began a free passive income course called Smart From Scratch by Pat Flynn and I resumed an Udemy WordPress for Beginner’s course I’d started two, maybe three years ago? I also put my first entry in my Scanner’s Daybook as suggested in the book Refuse to Choose. And I drew in my little sketchpad, plus I began writing the opinion essay from Lesson 3 of One Year to a Writing Life. I’m so thankful to have these resources to help me learn and boost my productivity and creativity.

I thought about going for a drive or hiking at a different place or shopping for a few items but chose not to. My intuition said to rest. I listened to my body. I took a nap today; it was so indulgent. My intuition told me I need loads of TLC and pampering, but I will eventually get better, yay! It also told me that there’s plenty of time, no worries, to relax, enjoy, and have fun as much as possible. This would help me most. What? Maybe that was really just my thoughts and not from my intuitive guides, lol.

The doctor’s office was open for the morning hours. I phoned, but could not get a live person for an appointment, so I will try Monday. I’m following through with my commitment to get a checkup and possibly try medications, though I don’t want to. It would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t try. I can risk being sidelined if the experiment with treatments makes me worse because I’m on unemployment for now. I am afraid and am not looking forward to it, but what if it helps?

I have flashbacks about all of my past trying experiences with medical care and the headache and frustration of dealing with the insurance companies, ugh. It will be so wonderful one day when there’s hopefully a universal healthcare system that has set uniform rules and standards in place where it’s easier to navigate and you don’t get the runaround or have to cut through red tape.

It’s also scary putting your health in another’s hands. It’s hard to trust, especially when you’re also a health care worker and have seen some scary things, lol. It’s a crapshoot. That’s one reason why I’m practicing my intuition skills. Maybe it’ll help me make the right decisions when the doctor recommends a treatment I can check in with my intuition for guidance.

I feel so much more peaceful today after completing the intuition course. It’s like I got higher approval and confirmation that I’m on the right path and am just where I need to be. It was reassuring. I know everything works out and I’m even more trusting of myself and the universe. I feel anchored and supported in a deep, all-encompassing way. It feels like, “The force is strong with this one,” lmao.

After I awakened from my luxuriant nap, I got a phone call. It was Drue. He needed help at the hotel. At first, I was alarmed thinking I’d have to help de-escalate some angry guests, or there was a health emergency where I’d need to do CPR, but whew, it was just a plumbing problem that needed another set of hands, what a relief! I peeled off my pandemic uniform… comfy tee, lounge pants, thick warm socks and changed into a more presentable Star Wars tee, jeans, light jacket, and sneakers. I brushed my hair, donned a mask, and traipsed right over. We tamed the errant sink in a few minutes, teamwork, and then I was home again, promptly changed back into comfy clothes, and felt good that I could help. “Here I come to save the day!” Heh.

I took a little rest on the futon and surfed Facebook for a few minutes, wow it’s the summer solstice and I didn’t even go for a long walk today, oh well. I spent time outside on the balcony, though. It is so lovely, this apartment suits us so much better than the last one. Although it’s lovely here, I’m wanting a change of scenery. I guess most of us are eager to get out and about more. I see some day trips for us in the future.

Sometimes I think I love my solitude too much. I enjoy being by myself. It’s so peaceful and healing. Maybe it’s just what I need right now, though? I fantasize about having even more space, quiet, no people around, and plenty of nature. Is it okay to want to be a hermit sometimes? It feels okay to me, lol. It feels so wonderful to have the stillness and quiet where I can hear the truth from within without interference. It’s cleansing. I feel a direct connection to pure love like it’s beaming and streaming through me and from me. I don’t want it to end. I can be a part-time hermit, lmao.

I think about phoning people or interacting online and get exhausted by the thought. Maybe that’s why I have to make myself participate in forums because I find it draining. I wonder why? Is it from being an introvert or is it more complex than that? Something I will investigate further. I’m curious. I like video calls much better and find them more enjoyable and more energizing. Weird. What kind of hermit am I??

I expect I will have to engage more in social media in the coming days. I still haven’t learned how to use Instagram effectively and I spend minimal time on Facebook and on Twitter. I just post my blog links, that’s it. I do like YouTube and making videos though, that’s fun. I will have to overcome my resistance and make it energizing instead of draining. Hermit problems, lol.

Drue just got home and told me, “You’re the best,” lol. Yay! I’m the best helpful plumber hermit, heh.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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