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The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’ve got two chapters left to read in Refuse to Choose. It’s given me excellent, practical tools to keep track of creative ideas and to build my life around creativity, exploration, and learning. I’m glad I purchased it because it’ll be a reference book for me. I haven’t done all of the exercises in it yet but will complete them in the upcoming weeks. The goal is for me to figure out what’s best for me to focus on now.

The Pat Flynn course is also helping me figure it out too. I’m supposed to email 10 people who know me well and ask them what my superpower is. I haven’t done that yet, it feels like I’m imposing or asking for an ego boost, lol. It’s nice because there’s an email template included for you to use so it doesn’t feel as strange and artificial.

I’d say my superpower is being a calming presence, but that doesn’t really translate into a business 🙂 All of my current explorations are helping me get a clearer idea of what keeps me inspired and motivated. That will be really important when choosing what I do business-wise. In Refuse to Choose you discover what rewards are your motivators. Once you know the common thread connected to what’s rewarding to you, then it’s easier to sculpt your life around that. For example, I love anything that engages my creativity, that has variety and some skill-building, learning, and mastery as well.

I ventured out today and returned some items I’d ordered online from Kohls for Drue that didn’t fit. The clothes had been sitting in the closet waiting until the all-clear to take returns. They’ve been doing curbside stuff, but not returns. I was afraid I would forget about them and miss the return window, plus I was already going out to get an Rx. There were racks of clearance items and I had to look. I ended up getting a pair of jeans and a shirt, I didn’t try them on until I got home, they fit! Got a good deal too, I’ve been needing a new pair of jeans. The tag said, “Feel Good Jeans,” lol. I felt like I did in junior high, buying a new outfit for the first day of school kind of feeling. I already washed them and they’re waiting in my closet for me to wear grocery shopping, lmao. I was so tickled when they fit, I stood on the bathtub ledge so I could see myself in the mirror and even turned to see my backside too. The jeans are so comfy and just the right length. Score! I typically buy from thrift stores, so it’s a special treat to buy something new.

I asked the MD for Singulair because an allergist I was seeing in Baton Rouge had prescribed it for me before and it prevented me from having to get allergy shots. I figured it would help with whatever my body is reacting to now. The doctor’s office also has a pharmacy and it was quick, easy, and inexpensive. Nice.

The highlight of my day was at the beginning. This morning I attended the CGC movie club video call and they had me cracking up, it was so much fun! I’m so thankful to be able to socialize online, it’s enlivening and so wonderful to stay connected. I love solitude, but I’m beginning to grow weary of it. Socializing online is a satisfying compromise.

I didn’t adhere to my intermittent fasting. It came time to blog and I felt so crappy, I broke down and ate a salad at 9 pm and soon felt better so I could write. I must not have eaten enough or the right types of foods in the 4-hour window to hold me or the extra errands got to me, I don’t know.

I’m continuing my caffeine taper. After I finish drinking the tea that’s left, I will only drink herbal or decaf tea. I’ve already eliminated coffee and decaf coffee. I want to see if my energy levels improve by removing caffeine. I figure decaf tea has negligible caffeine as compared to decaf coffee.

Being able to do the mini-workouts has been a good compromise too. Psychologically I’m tricked into believing that I’m still getting health benefits, some exercise is better than none. Can’t wait until next week when I resume my nature walks! When I drive by the hill I swivel my gaze my eyes searching for the path I long to be walking upon. I notice that the meadow has been mowed, bye-bye dandelions I hear in my thoughts. Next week beautiful path, freshly mown hill, next week I’ll greet you again.

Okay, that’s enough words, got the blogging done for today 🙂 Maybe eventually I’ll be able to write something riveting every single day. Hey, maybe this blogging challenge is helping me achieve some mastery. We shall see, lol.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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