The Logical Heart Knows Best

I grocery shopped tonight and as we unloaded the groceries I said, “Remember when I was constantly deciding what to feed the kids?” Drue chimed in, “Yeah, I remember you would list all of these things for the kids to choose from and they weren’t much help, lol.” I said, “Remember all of those lunches I’d make?” He laughed, “Remember when they brought them back home the uneaten stuff all gross, bet you miss that.” “Actually I do, it was fun,” I smiled. He said, “Yeah I knew you’d say that.”

When I talk with the kids these days I always ask if they’ve eaten anything yummy lately. I still worry after them, wanting them to be happy and nurtured. I miss doting over them. At least I have a balcony garden now, lol. I’m nurturing plants which doesn’t really compare, but it comforts me.

How difficult it is for all of us having to be apart from loved ones indefinitely. It’s not safe to travel and no telling when it will be. So who knows when we’ll get to visit with the kids again. So many are unable to visit their families and young people are not able to date and socialize either. Video chatting is wonderful, so thankful we have this technology to keep connected with each other.

People can’t stay isolated forever though so I imagine that there will be circumstances where you take calculated risks. Where you get tested and others you are intimate with are getting tested as well. Then you keep your circle small and take careful precautions to limit your exposure while venturing out for necessities.

Now more than ever we can benefit from healthy coping skills and a spiritual practice. When so much is out of our control it’s helpful to have practices to support and comfort us like meditation, yoga/exercise, journaling, talking to a trusted friend, using humor/laughter, engaging in stress-relieving activities that are playful, fun like growing a garden, doing something creative/hobbies. Take care of yourself by being gentle, nurturing, and easy, indulging in TLC, treating yourself, and letting go of things you have no control over. Releasing that white-knuckled grip of fear and trusting that you’ll be able to handle whatever the future may hold, because you’ve handled it up until now, haven’t you?

We don’t know what happens to our consciousness after we die, so why not believe that our spirits continue to exist in another realm of consciousness or an afterlife? Why not have an open mind and consider all possibilities? Anyone who has had a metaphysical experience knows that our existence is not purely flesh and bone. We don’t know what lies beyond, but there is a beyond and this is comforting to me. Why not believe in something comforting when there’s no way to know what happens after we die. Why not believe in something wonderful? Especially if you and countless others have had spiritual mystical experiences that have shown that a beautiful afterlife is likely true? It makes death more of a transition/transformation to another place where we all return to and not a goodbye to those left behind, but a see ya soon. Where’s the harm in that?

So when I get overwhelmed by all of the tragedies I comfort myself by remembering that we are not just bodies, we are consciousness/energy/spirit and we are always united and together in the beyond, connected by a unifying force that is love which never wavers or dies. We are indestructible and always together forever as that one abiding love. I experienced it and I know it is true. I wish everyone could experience the all-encompassing oneness and infinite love because then there would be less fear and more unity and compassion. I speak of it, but it’s not as effective as actually experiencing it.

The closest I come to that unifying experience these days is when meditating, or in my sleeping dreams. That’s when I had my metaphysical experience before, in my sleeping dreams. I couldn’t replicate it though I kept hoping it would happen again, it hasn’t. It is etched into my soul and I can never forget. I read ACIM to this day because it captures what I learned in that experience more than anything else I’ve come across. I maintain peace through meditation, journaling, and reading ACIM.

I always vote for whatever works for each individual though, we’re all so different, and if it brings you peace, alignment, harmony, forgiveness, compassion, and love, then yay! In challenging times we need all the help we can get. Whatever works to create a more loving world.

I’ve been practicing everything I can to keep healthy, peaceful, and loving. Some days are better than others, but that’s to be expected. We do our best and keep going, keep hoping and keep loving. We have to trust that whatever unfolds we’ve got this because what else can we do?

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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