Logical Heart Tune-Up

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’m doing Pat Flynn’s passive income course, Smart From Scratch, and I’m at the section where you look for the problems people have that you may help them solve. So I looked at some public forums and here are some problems they had.

How to feel good about yourself

Motivation to stay on track

Making time for self-development

Learning how to say no

How to deal with change

How to deal with expectations and disappointment

I can’t succeed, no matter how I try

Letting go of the past and moving forward

Stuck in a career and hating every day

Confused about my life purpose


Feeling hopeless and stuck

Feeling overwhelmed

How to deal with anxiety and fear

Fear of disapproval

Unable to grow close to anyone

Low self-esteem

Do I stay or do I go

Relationships keep going wrong

Now I’m supposed to come up with solutions for the problems and narrow it down to one solution that I could build a business on. Eeeeek! Then I’m supposed to pitch it to 10 people, ask them what they think of the idea and two of the ten must be strangers. Gulp.

A general solution would be to help people get to know themselves, connect with their truth, their inherent worthiness, and their core values so that they could feel confident in making choices and navigating life. Then they would trust themselves and feel empowered because they could keep making informed decisions and changes aligned with what is truly helpful for them.

To feel good about yourself, you must claim agency over yourself and your life. If you’re constantly looking to others for approval, then you will be their puppet trying to fit in and conform. The outside world will then have cast a spell on you, controlling and manipulating you. To stay confident and steady, you must learn how to listen to yourself and live by what you believe in. Yes, it can hurt when people are harsh, critical, and judgemental, but each of us is just as worthy as anyone else. No one else has the right to judge our value or worthiness. Inherently, we are all equally valuable and precious. Part of feeling good about yourself is knowing that you are inherently lovable and if you’re around people that are unloving then you can choose to disengage and find others who are. I always frame it, as we are still just as beloved as we were as newborns. Does anyone look at a newborn and judge it for not having a thigh gap? Ridiculous huh?

When you come to know your true self you realize just how powerful you really are and everything gets easier because you have clarity, you know you’re here on purpose and you can find higher meaning and not get bogged down in the petty dramas that used to hold you back. You claim your life and it’s now yours to flow into whatever you wish. No, it isn’t always smooth and easy, it’s uncomfortable breaking free from the patterns that bind you. Fortunately, we are all able to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. It just takes practice and perseverance so we can always get better and find relief.

Once we are firm in our resolve to be true to ourselves, then we can’t go back to that confusion of being pulled in all directions to fulfill others’ expectations. We now do what’s right for us, which automatically considers others because when we are true to our logical hearts, that’s a given.

Once we connect with our logical hearts, we can be vulnerable with others and trust because we now have ourselves on our sides who will never abandon or leave us, so we never feel alone, our logical hearts keep us filled and connected with that universal love that unites us all.

Because we are tapped in more clearly with that universal love, it will be hard to do anything that goes against our best interests. We feel that love from within and it will be difficult to stay angry, disappointed, or to hold on to past hurts. Forgiveness will become more automatic and releasing negativity will become second nature.

Being centered in love with the logical heart, it will get easier to do what is most loving of yourself and others, which will create an environment conducive to success. Anything that is not aligned with your logical heart will keep prodding at you until you almost have no choice except to listen and do what’s right for you. The more this happens, the more confident, strong, resilient, and clear you become and everything flows with more ease and lightness. It will become ever more difficult to do things that are harmful to you.

The logical heart will have blossomed and unfurled through you so that even when there are difficult times and setbacks, you keep getting incrementally better along with your life. All the limiting blocks fall away, making you freer and freer with an ever-deepening peace. Eventually, your trust is so steadfast that you know everything will always work out and your fears and anxiety melt away. Hope never leaves you and you know that when one door closes, another one always opens.

You now have such a healthy relationship with yourself that miraculously your relationships with others work. You love yourself enough to close the door on relationships that drain you so that you can open the door to those that enliven and enrich you equally. You’ll get comfortable saying no and it’ll be such a relief that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

When you become overwhelmed, you know how to go within to the logical heart and find that wellspring of peace to slow you down enough to focus and prioritize logistically. You have faith that what needs to get done will and whatever doesn’t…if your heart’s still beating, then it’s okay. Perfection is overrated, says your wise voice from within.

You’ll be so in love with life that you can’t help but be motivated and engaged because you want to squeeze every last bit out of it during the time you have left but in a nurturing, luxurious way. Love relishes and nourishes in such a way that you feel that you have more than enough time to experience everything you need. Time is no longer an issue.

You’ll always have expectations but will learn to reframe disappointments so that you’re able to be grateful no matter what. Love finds a way.

So basically I want to help people tap into their deep inner knowing, their truth, and free it so it can help them have the most satisfying experience of life. The logical heart knows best. I want to help people get back in tune with their logical hearts.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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