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I got smart and uploaded an image here before the internet mysteriously slows to a crawl in about an hour. I had a leisurely, refreshing day. I’m more at peace with our new pandemic life. I’ve stopped resisting it, I aim to stop resisting as much as I can without becoming too passive as in out of touch with real life. I’m resigned to the fact that there’s not much I as one person can do about very much in practical terms. I can do much more from within, spiritually, so that’s what I’m doing. Detach from what I can not control and focus on my energy and presence while exploring contemplative creative outlets.

My balcony garden is one of those outlets. Today I checked on the plants and my jalapeno plant was wilted and there was an aphid infestation. I sprayed the underside of the leaves with a water and peppermint oil mixture and watered it. Later the leaves were all perky again. It was too dark to see how the aphids fared. I do hope it grows some peppers, it’s blossoming now, so maybe? Now I want to google the life cycle of aphids. I’m curious about how they travel, were they already in the soil or did they climb up to our balcony? Things don’t grow as quickly here. In Louisiana, it’s so lush and plants grow really well.

There are now four wildfires, the air quality was unhealthy today. I’m so thankful we are not that near the fires and so far there has been no structural damage or evacuations. I’m so thankful we have central a/c too, one of the best inventions ever.

I look outside our kitchen window and see people wrapped in towels coming and going to the pool and hot tub. I smile because there are kids and teens too. I’m glad they have something fun to do.

I read a lot today and looked at houses on Zillow, my favorite escape activity these days. I love mid-century modern houses and any house with lots of windows with views, open layouts, a nice yard, and a nice big tub with windows with views too. I want to be barefoot in the grass again in my own yard. I want to plant a garden and have fruit trees and flowers galore. I’d really love a pool and a hot tub too. I’m not greedy, lol. It’s a nice daydream.

I managed to fix some things on this site, they had a theme update again so I think that helped with some of the glitches. Some of the emojis are replaced with question marks still. I contacted the platform that did the backup and they gave me instructions, but it involved deleting everything and then restoring from another backup and I decided that was too risky so I’m fixing it individually. I’m already mostly done with it.

Nothing too exciting or remarkable going on around here and I’d say considering how 2020 has been, that’s a good thing, lol. It’s been peaceful and quiet, I’ll take it, lol.

Now it’s time to go pick a fun movie to watch and eat Mambas. We got lucky and found some of the vegan ones which are being phased out, the new ones have gelatin. I haven’t been eating too many sweets, but every now and then it’s a treat. We had some fun foods today, vegan corn dogs and burgers. Once or twice a week I have some fun foods. I like the middle road of moderation. It works for me.

Welp, I’ll be back here tomorrow with another thrilling post, lmao. Now it’s Mamba time.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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