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We’re about to go grocery shopping and so I’m blogging even earlier. The air is hazy out, it reminds me of the smoggy air in Los Angeles when I visited there 35 years ago. I’m so used to it being brilliant blue skies and dazzling sunshine here. I hope the fires get extinguished soon.

The wildflowers I have mixed in with the zinnias are spilling out all vibrant, leafy green. Some sunflowers are towering from the middle of some of the planters, I can see their leaves fluttering in the wind as I gaze out right now. I’m letting the aphids have their way with my jalapeno, lol. I may try some soapy water and see if that helps. I discovered aphids when they are young grow wings to colonize a new area and then shed them after they’re settled in.

We watched a movie called In Time last night. It was a decent dystopian sci-fi movie. I liked the premise, but otherwise, it was a typical formulaic movie. I wonder what we’ll watch tonight? There’s so much to choose from, you have to sometimes do research just to find something you’re in the mood to watch. It is nice to have so many choices though, we’ll never be able to watch or listen to all of the movies and music we have available. It’s actually amazing there’s so much luxury that we have all of this ability to create so much. And now that we have streaming, so many choices are available to more of us. I’m thinking about getting Hulu. I really wanna watch Killing Eve and The Handmaid’s tale.

In the winter I plan on marathoning some favorites like The Lord of the Rings, Studio Ghibli, and Harry Potter movies. I’ll make popcorn and get some chocolates too. Oh, chocolate covered apples, nom. I must be hungry, I better eat a snack before we shop or else I’ll be more likely to get junk food.

I’m almost finished reading three books that I take with me to the bath. I’m trying to catch up on my Goodreads reading challenge. It was easier to keep up before when I was going on long walks I’d listen to audiobooks at 2x speed. I’ve fallen behind now.

When I look through my photos to choose one for my blog post I grow wistful for my walks. All of the gorgeousness I’ve been missing out on. I’m thankful for the photos though, they are soothing and cheerful. I get to relive the gloriousness of the landscapes I captured on my beautiful walks. I especially love the ones with insects, rabbits, deer, birds, bunnies, prairie dogs, and squirrels.

One of my favorite things to do when I was little was to look for creatures so I could observe them. I used to do that with the kids too, we’d search under rocks to see what was there, usually beetles and worms. The flatworms were the creepiest. There was a caterpillar called the hickory horned devil which was really cool and colorful. I loved the sphinx moths at night drinking from the moonflowers, they were like hummingbirds. In Louisiana, the stinging caterpillar season was epic, buck moths. one time we were at Highland road park and there are so many live oaks, we heard plinking noises, like light rain, only it wasn’t raining, well it was raining caterpillar poop!

There aren’t as many insects here. No mosquito bites here so far. I like the no bites aspect. No roaches either which is really nice, lol. I’ve seen a few caterpillars here, they were cute, but nothing like in Louisiana. Maybe if I were to go camping here, I’d encounter more creatures. Something to do in the future, except it will be in a cabin, not a tent, so I guess that’s not really camping, heh.

Well, I’ve rambled on about nothing and got another blog post in. Now it’s time to go on our hot date of grocery shopping. I still have a lot of groceries left to eat, so it’ll be a light haul tonight. Now I want chocolate covered apples and popcorn, lol. Silly.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more substantial to impart, or not, it doesn’t matter as long as I write something, I guess.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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