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I finished watching The Keepers today, wow what strong people, to have gone through so much with no justice, it’s horrifying, mind-boggling and inspiring at once. The way the church covered up the abuse and let it continue is so difficult to fathom, just like in Spotlight. And the murders remained unsolved but the former students, survivors, and volunteers are still working on the cases to this day. Here’s a link I found with updates to the cases. https://screenrant.com/keepers-pieces-evidence-missing/

The air quality was unhealthy today due to the wildfires in the mountains here and we’ll also be getting some smoke from the California fires too, so I didn’t go for a walk. I had another uneventful, peaceful, nice day while trying not to worry about everyone in California, climate change, the pandemic, racism, people getting evicted and struggling, the sabotage of the postal service, the state of democracy, etc. I read less of the news today, I needed a break.

I only went out to water my plants on the balcony at sunset and to wave Drue off to work. I stand outside our door and watch him until he gets to the bottom of the stairs into the blinding sun, he turns to look back at me and we both wave goodbye. Then I quietly go back inside and immediately set the thermostat up a few degrees warmer, lol. My body temperature has not been the same since February, I stay cold, but over the past few weeks I haven’t needed my extra-extra blankets or snuggly warm “painter’s” shirt as often, so I am slowly getting warmer.

Last night when Drue got home there were 3 swallows sleeping above our door. I took a photo, they didn’t even stir. They’re so sweet and cute. I wonder how they’re doing in the unhealthy air?

The jalapeno plant is still alive and the aphids have lessened so maybe it will survive after all. The colorful zinnias are happy and the red geranium is blooming again. The wildflowers and sunflowers are thriving, no blooms yet. The moonflower vine is stunted, it must be too dry here for it to flourish. I’m seeing if watering it more heavily will help. It’s comforting to have something to care for. All of my life I’ve always been a caretaker, so now plants are filling that void, lol 🙂

Now I’m dutifully taking care of me, catching up on my checkups gradually, next is the dentist. I have a loose crown that has needed attention since February. I was holding off until it was safer because of the pandemic. I’ve been keeping up with my PT exercises and challenge myself to do a little more than what’s prescribed. It’s really helping along with the increase in medication though the med makes me drowsy, I’m a bit hungover at the start of the day, but it’s only been a week, so I’ll hopefully get used to it soon.

I am still not feeling inspired to write about much. Meh 🙂

We watched more Community last night, it was hilarious. I love Chevy Chase in it, well the whole cast is excellent, what a goofy, fun, creative show! I still haven’t watched all the DNC speeches. Probably tomorrow since I finished The Keepers and will be looking for another thing to watch. Just reading about the speeches in the news had me choked up with tears of hope. I’ll probably be outright crying when I watch the speeches.

That’s all for today. I have 2 more sets of PT exercises to complete, then more Community to watch after Drue gets home, yay! 😀

Michelle Miyagi
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