Inner Melodies

The Logical Heart Knows Best

We’ve returned to a bit of normalcy by grocery shopping together again for the past several weeks. It’s our date night 🙂 For months I was going alone due to the pandemic restrictions. They’ve even opened both entrances to the store as of tonight. More normalcy. We go later in the evening so it’s calmer and quieter. We were back to our usual banter and antics, dancing to the pop tunes jangling through the aisles. It’s so much more fun having company while grocery shopping, we get to share our excitement over all of the enticing goodies and help one another decide what to get. I’m so thankful we have so much to choose from and the budget to afford to splurge sometimes.

Sometimes I get tired of eating, I look in the cupboard, then the refrigerator and there’s nothing I want. Eventually, I eat because my body protests. I know what, I’ll make a batch of fruit smoothie for this week so I can drink some of my meals.

The swallows that sleep near our door have been decorating the landing with poop graffiti. We heard someone scrubbing outside our door, they cleaned it, but it’s just gonna keep happening. When we came home tonight there were two sweet sleeping swallows. We enter quietly so we won’t scare them, they’re so cute.

I’m trying not to keep checking the news all day and it’s helped me alleviate the overwhelming concern that sometimes overtakes me. Today I finished up reading two books, that felt good. Otherwise, it was another peaceful, quiet, uneventful day. Nice. I’m keeping up with my PT exercises and am improving, I’m so grateful.

I am struggling with writing anything of substance. I’m in an in-between space where everything is smooth and flat, nothing is catching, it’s like a peaceful lake shimmering in the moonlight state of being. You just want to keep gliding, unperturbed. Thrumming along to your own inner melodies, silky and true. Humming and purring from your sleepy nest of a dream.

I will do my last set of exercises, then look in the cupboard, then the refrigerator without getting anything. Then I will take my medicines, floss, and brush my dirty teeth. I brush my teeth a lot. Then I’ll crawl in bed with Drue and we’ll watch something. We’ll watch the end of John Oliver that I feel asleep on last night. Maybe Ip Man 2? I love my peaceful life.

I’ve been sleeping as late as I want, no alarms, it’s been glorious. I’ll awaken tomorrow and grab my phone, my bra from the nightstand, and my socks that I kicked off onto the floor during the night, close the door softly behind me, then open the blinds in the living area, so much wonderful light. I’ll fill my mug with water and heat it in the microwave and then go to the bathroom, pee, wash hands, brush teeth, hair, put bra and socks on and arrive back at the microwave just in time to open it before it dings. I dip a tea bag in and proceed to do my PT exercises while it steeps.

I grab the tea, my phone, and climb under the covers in our living area futon and sip while reading the news on my phone. You never know what might have happened overnight these days, so much has happened in such a short period of time this year.

Then a while later Drue wakes up and we visit all snuggled under the futon every morning it’s our routine. So soothing to spend your morning with someone who is so calm, caring, supportive, sane, smart, funny, and unconditionally loves you. It doesn’t get better than that. We are so fortunate.

Yuck, I’m getting too mushy now so I’m gonna go do my last set of exercises, woo 🙂 Then TV time!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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