September Snow

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Look, look! It’s a baby jalapeno! The aphids didn’t destroy the plant after all! Looking at this pic though I think I see some insects on the pepper, I’m gonna get my flashlight and check it right now to see if they’re nomming on it, boo. There was something on it, I brushed it off, maybe it was a piece of blossom remnant? I’ll be sure to look closely tomorrow in the daylight.

My a** is dragging tonight. I overdid it the past few days. I had a dental appointment today to glue a crown that came loose back in February when I was eating some yummy sticky rice with nori. I waited until I felt it was safe to go to the dentist, luckily I had no issues with it, the crown would stay on and I avoided chewing on that side. They cemented it quickly and easily, so that feels good to finally have that done. I need to catch up on eye/retina checkups too but am wondering if I should wait.

I played Animal Crossing and Kirby last night while Drue watched and laughed at me. I had to redo my island and tent because I didn’t play long enough to save yesterday. That’s good though because I like the attributes and island I chose this time better. My island is named Freedom, lol. Kirby was funny, I got to suck up characters and spit them out and fly, it was hard though. Drue played a few of the retro fighting, sports, and wrestling games for a few minutes each. He remembered them from when he was little.

I was too tired to play games today, I watched videos about mind control, brainwashing, gaslighting, manipulation, and covert narcissism instead. It made me sleepy, lol. The information was satisfying and validating though, so that’s positive.

I also looked online at Airbnb cabins in the mountains nearby just for fun. I’m still doing the PT exercises five times a day. It was so beautiful out, I wanted to drive to a park, but I was too tired. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe when it gets cooler next week. There’s snow in the forecast for Tuesday with a low of 28! I bet it’ll change though 🙂

There are 121 days left in the year, I can finish this blogging everyday thingy, meh, lol. There’s so much going on in the world, it’s difficult. I could write every day about something heavy, but that gets really depressing. Alternatively, if I write something light and fluffy it feels like I’m bypassing and not honoring the gravity of the current situation in the USA. Some days I feel like I repeat the same things I’ve shared in the past in a slightly varying form. I could write about memories, but when I think about it, I feel weighed down by the prospect.

So I write about the mundane happenings of my day. I used to write letters to my grandmother in California, where I’d ramble on about whatever was happening in my teenage/young adult world. She said she liked reading my letters, that it felt like I was speaking to her, like a conversation. I loved writing to her, she wrote me back too! I used to write letters to my cousin in California too. That was fun, we’d write about cute boys we had crushes on and such. She had such perfect handwriting, I was in awe of her skills. I miss those days when it was so exciting to get a letter in the mail 🙂 I always liked adorning the envelopes with cute stickers. I’m a fan of stickers and stationery.

I enjoyed going to the dentist today, I got to socialize briefly with different people and they were so pleasant. I guess I’m beginning to miss being around people after six months of this. How much longer to go? I go back next week for teeth cleaning and checkup, woo 🙂 More socialization, lol. Looking forward to going to the dentist? Oh my. Desperate times.

Gonna do my last set of exercises then crawl in bed. Blog done.

Michelle Miyagi

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