Shorts to Coats

The Logical Heart Knows Best

The wildfires were intensified by the heat and the air quality is very unhealthy here now. The day began clear and this afternoon I looked outside and wondered if it was raining, but it was smoke and ash in the air. I’m wondering if maybe we need to move somewhere else in the future. I was researching Ottawa, Canada this morning, lol. No, seriously. We shall see what happens as we ride out 2020.

I just pulled up houses for sale/rent in Ottawa, I’m curious, this is interesting and fun to fantasize about living in different places. I’m going to look at places in Japan too, just for kicks. I love the internet and am especially appreciating it these days. It was lovely Skyping with the kids today. I’m so thankful we’re all doing well.

It’s a good thing I watered the plants early today before the smoke rolled in. I ventured out on the balcony at dusk to check them again and had to cover my face with my shirt, the air was heavy with woodsmoke. I hurried back inside. I’m concerned about everyone in California too. At least we’ll have a change in the weather, rain, and snow that may help a bit with our fires here this week.

I’d planned on going for short walks around the complex this week to see if I tolerate that, but who knows with wildfires and snow how this week will pan out. More inside time for me. I have grocery shopping and a dental checkup to look forward to, woot, lol. I’ll get out of the apartment that way and see other in-person humans besides Drue.

It’s been another relaxing, refreshing, peaceful day and I’ve already completed all of my sets of PT exercises. I begin the day with barely perceptible wobbles and am loathe to do the exercises because it exacerbates the MdDS, but I know it’s helping so I will continue them until they get easy for me. There’s this one exercise where I have to walk from heel to toe in a straight line, kind of like the way police test drunk people. If I got pulled over and they tested me, I’d fail that one because of the MdDS, lol. But I’m getting better at it and losing my balance less and less, yay!

One of my six sunflowers fully blossomed today, it’s little and adorable. The jalapeno is poking out more itty bitty peppers too. More wildflowers have blossomed, they’re spilling out through the railings. It’s so cheery. The moonflower has a couple of bulges that I hope will turn into blooms, the plant is sickly looking though. I don’t think the moonflower likes this dry heat very much.

In the photos online, Ottawa looked really green, so maybe it’s more humid there and easier to grow things. The houses weren’t too different from the ones here. I wanna go on google street maps and explore virtually. The houses in New York right next to the border were really reasonably priced.

I wonder if nursing is better in Canada? I will research that as well. Fun stuff. Oh, we have to go to another grocery store to get a few items that aren’t sold at our regular place, they sell lottery tickets so I’ll buy one this week, more fun.

It’s gonna be so strange come Tuesday when the projected high will be 37 degrees and the low 28 and snow! On Monday it will go from a high of 93 to a low of 33, dang. From shorts to coats overnight. I guess my plants will freeze, the ones I can’t take inside. I better take some photos of them tomorrow.

Gonna go catch some fish, crickets, and moths in Animal Crossing now. It’s such a chill game to start off my new video game exploration, though there are some hazards, my avatar got stung by wasps and a scorpion, lol. I’ll work my way up to Zelda and Mario. I’ve got plenty of indoor time to dedicate to video game fun.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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