The Jalapeno Lives

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Ahhhh….today was a much better day. It helps to allow myself to feel and process my emotions, to give myself space and permission to grieve as I did yesterday. To have a cathartic cry if need be. I also kept my news reading to a minimum. And what really helped brighten my spirits was attending a virtual wedding. Something beautiful and hopeful in the midst of so much tragedy. It was touching and amazing. I felt so honored to attend and witness such open-hearted love. It had me all verklempt, so much love still in this battered world.

I was all dressed and made up and felt buoyant and inspired so I worked on the social learning group I’m creating. I made a 22-minute one-take video to go with the written material. That felt like an accomplishment, so I’m gradually getting back into a more productive, creative mode.

The jalapenos are almost big enough to pick. The aphids didn’t nom them to death, yay! The basil and lavender didn’t make it. The moonflower is looking hella rough, it has two buds, maybe they’ll blossom before it dies? I’m hoping all of the sunflowers will live long enough to bloom. They make me so happy. It’s so incredible and magical to watch things grow.

I’ve eaten nothing but healthy food so far today, mostly raw fruits and veggies which is always energizing. I didn’t begin my PT exercises until this afternoon to see how much my symptoms of MdDS are improving and I was encouraged, it’s much, much better. Hopefully, it will get all the way better and I’ll be normal again.

I haven’t played the Switch at all this week so far. I watched movies instead. I watched a charming movie called Frances Ha. I loved the lead character played by Greta Gerwig, she was so adorable. I was surprised that part of it was filmed at Vassar the college my daughter graduated from, so I recognized the scenery. It was a breezy, intimate, and uplifting movie. The kind of movie that has you missing your good friendships of yore and all of the socializing and gatherings you used to enjoy. The freedom, struggles, and ambitions of your twenties encapsulated in black and white.

I’ve been indulging in trying different teas. I’m drinking a Meyer lemon tea right now, delicious. I added back some caffeine in the mornings in the form of jasmine tea, I love it too much.

I need to do 3 more sets of PT exercises so this is a short one. The trauma of the world is still in the back of my mind, I feel for everyone and wish it were different. My heart goes out to all.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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