Hidden Miracles

The Logical Heart Knows Best

We took a lovely walk this afternoon, it was so wonderful to get some sunshine. I took this photo from the top of the hill by our apartment. There weren’t as many grasshoppers as during the summer but the few that buzzed by made me laugh, I love the sounds they make and their colorful flashes of wings.

The swallows migrated away, I guess it’s been about three weeks ago. I miss their cheery, boisterous activity, it’s quiet and empty without them. During our walk I was admiring two large birds high above us, they would brush against each other in flight as if they were playing. I couldn’t tell what kind of birds they were. The sun was glaring, they were dark silhouettes with a backdrop of vivid crystal clear blue sky.

When we got back from the walk I looked up corn mazes near me and there’s one close by at Chatfield Farms Denver Botanic Gardens. I want to go, maybe next week. I’ve never been to a corn maze before so it will be an adventure for me. I also googled farmer’s markets because I’d like to support local vendors more often. The closest ones were nine miles away. I plan to go on an adventure to the farmer’s market too.

I listened to a book and journaled, I danced, played guitar, did PT exercises, cooked, and drew. I planned on writing thank you notes, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I took a little nap instead. It felt so soothing and indulgent.

It’s time for new quarterly goals. I watched a video about “putting everything down” to see where you really are and what you really want. I realized I’ve been doing that over the past two months. I basically stopped everything (except daily blogging) to regroup, to see where I stood, to have the space to see what’s really important to me, to gain clarity without pressure or interference.

Mostly I wanted to regain a measure of peace. I’ve discovered that peace is most important of all for me. Turns out that “putting everything down” helped me let go so I could take stock and then pick up what’s ultimately healthiest and best for me. I needed that rest and space, I gave myself permission to take the time for me to figure it out. Nothing looming over me, not even myself, lol, because I can be too hard on me, actually I’m the worst offender when it comes to pressuring and over disciplining me.

Now I’m ready to set goals for this quarter. In the past, I’ve been too ambitious and tried to do too much. This quarter I will be gentler and simple with my goal setting. My health is doing so much better with this gentler spacious pace. I want to continue progressing with my health because it impacts everything, it determines how much energy I have to devote to exploring life. So my goals will support peace and health most of all.

I’m enjoying exploring more artistic, expressive things like playing guitar, dancing, and drawing. I will set some goals which incorporate these activities. Next, I want to get back to making steadier progress in writing (besides blogging) and building a business. I believe that come New Year’s when I’ve finished this daily blogging challenge I’ll have more energy freed up to devote to that.

I used to be too overwhelmed to make goals, I was so overscheduled, there was little room, though I still managed to get extra things done without formally making goals. That’s how this blog started, I kept doing extra things when I could and it added up bit by bit over time. I’d get interrupted and have to put it down, but I eventually picked it back up later when I could. And I continue to do that because there are always gonna be interruptions in life.

We get knocked off course, but we can always find our way back again and maybe it leads to an even better path, an unexpected short cut or maybe to something even more fabulous, something we didn’t dare to dream of. I know in my life that some of the things that have happened seemed negative on the surface, but in a deeper sense, they were happening for me to bring me closer to what I was really wanting and what was best for me. The universe has tricks up its sleeves and there are always hidden miracles that we see more clearly in hindsight. I’ve learned to look for the hidden miracles and appreciate the mystery and magic of life.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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