Woo Fun Day

The Logical Heart Knows Best

This is a photo I took today, we went for an afternoon hike at South Valley Park, it was beautiful. I was so excited to be able to hike without fear of post-viral flare up/relapse. I keep looking at my hands to make sure they’re not developing that rash again. It finally went away after seven months. I feel like I’ve been set free, thank you body for constantly reaching homeostasis again and again.

As we were winding up the narrow trail the shrubby trees formed a tunnel around us and we heard, woo, woo, woo, like someone was making happy woo sounds. I kept looking around to see which direction it was coming from. The woos bounced around and echoed off the rock formations. A minute later a cyclist appeared in front of us, the woo sounds had ceased. Then after she passed us we heard more woos. I think she was making those happy woo noises to warn hikers of her approach? I thought it was some kids playing hide and seek in the shrubbery, lol. She sure did sound genuinely happy though, it was so cute!

I can’t wait to get back to my daily long meandering nature walks. I want to go for walks at all of the nearby parks before it gets snowy. There are so many parks and green spaces here, we are fortunate. I hope the air quality gets stable soon. Today it was moderate.

I drew a still life of a pear, apple, and bananas today. I have a charcoal pencil set of 4 pencils, 2 compressed charcoal sticks, and a kneaded eraser. I took the time today to read the densities of the pencils and used them accordingly. I haven’t used the sticks yet. Once I get more proficient I will move on to using the other art set I have. It has paints and pastels. On days when I’m more tired, I do doodles from my imagination and they look more like weird cartoons, lol. I love drawing and making things.

On guitar, I do a scale exercise and then practice chords from this old hand me down book Foden-Roberts Chords for Guitar How to play them correctly. For now, I’m strumming with my fingers instead of a pick so it won’t be too loud. I don’t want to torture my neighbors.

For my dancing, I choose techno or trance music to dance to, and sometimes I get carried away and jump too hard, but it’s only a few minutes so I don’t think it’s torturing the neighbors too much. I am loving my new daily routine. It’s energizing and uplifting me.

After our hike, I made us fun food as a treat and pretended we were eating out. I made vegan mac, fast food fries, crispy crowns, vegan fish fillets, and peas. I call junk food fun food because I associate it with the food we used to eat when we were on fun outings during childhood. I indulge in junk food every so often and I think it’s okay. Then we had dessert of the vegan Mississippi mud pie I made yesterday. Afterward, we lounged around in the quiet as the sun set, nestled together on the living area futon. I asked you wanna lose some brain cells to Tik Tok? Why sure… and we got sucked into the vortex until we both said, enough, must save brain, lol.

I checked on my balcony garden, felt the dirt, still moist, no watering needed today, thanks to the cooler weather. The aphids are having a party on the jalapeno plant. Maybe I’ll harvest the 3 remaining jalapenos soon before the aphids devour them.

I feel as if I had been living in a thick layer of viscous jelly that had infused every cell gunking me up and weighing me down. After seven months it feels like I’ve molted and shed the toxic goo, finally, fingers crossed it’s really gone.

Last night we watched, wait for it…Borat! Omg! I’d watched it when it was released to video years ago and knew what we were in for, but it was just as irreverent and hilarious on second viewing. They really put themselves at risk filming that. The rodeo scene, scary.

Drue had never seen it. Their nether regions had black boxes during the infamous naked wrestling scene, but I was wondering if this was the case when it was released to DVD? I can’t remember for sure, but I thought they were dangling and flopping around freely? Maybe my imagination just filled in the blanks, lmao. The Borat sequel comes out later this month so we will watch that too. Fun!

I’ve got two more sets of PT exercises to do, so I’m off, ttfn.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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