The Logical Heart Knows Best

I love this fuzzy plant in the pic above; it reminds me of caterpillars, so cute! I used to love the fuzzy, colorful tent caterpillars in Louisiana. I loved watching them crawl and wiggle. They were so soft and tickly feeling when they’d crawl on us, we’d gently play with them when we were kids.


Yesterday I thought I hear a frog or a toad and got curious about what kinds live in Colorado. I found this site.

It has videos of frogs and toads calling/croaking and I had to watch them all and laugh, it’s so fascinating! Drue watched for a few minutes and had enough, lol. He doesn’t share my amphibian appreciation, heh. Then for my drawing yesterday I drew the cutest toad, the New Mexico spadefoot.

It’s so exciting to google anything I get curious about. I remember back when we first had internet I needed to be sure there were filters in place or else I’d get surprised by unexpected things. That never happens to me nowadays, whatever filter is on here, I haven’t checked because it’s doing its job, lol.

When I was little, I’d spend hours exploring outside, admiring the plants, flowers, looking for cool rocks, fossils and watching, catching insects and creatures. When I go on my nature walks, I keep an eye out for interesting plants and creatures and love taking photos of them. I didn’t walk today, the air quality was borderline, the air was hazy and thick.

I baked cookies, though, some vegan sugar and ginger ones to send to our daughter. It’s her birthday month, so I’m sending treats. Since the pandemic is interfering with festivities, I thought I’d send something every week of her birthday month to kind of makeup for it?

While grocery shopping this week, they finally had some hand weights in stock. I needed lighter 5lb ones besides the 10lb which are too heavy for me now that I’ve decompensated from being sick all these months. I plan on resuming my workouts next week.

I read the news and glaze over because it’s too much. I check out. Everything gets fuzzy. It’s so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe it’s real. I think there’s no way this can keep continuing, yet it does and gets more outrageous each week. I keep thinking we’ll see what happens. Now it’s next month. In about 6 weeks, we’ll find out. I hope it’s anticlimactic; I hope it’s like Y2K lol.

My big plans for tomorrow are to mail the goodie package and write thank-you notes for real. I keep procrastinating. I do the same thing with phone calls. I procrastinate because I don’t enjoy talking on the phone unless it’s someone I know really well. I much prefer FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. I enjoy being able to see the person, because so much of communication is nonverbal, with facial expressions and body language.

I haven’t gotten back on track with my building a business activities yet. I will do one activity tomorrow. I know the Light It Up Video marketing course. I’ll work on that. Time to get more disciplined again now that the post-viral syndrome has mostly resolved. I’m so thankful. I was thinking I’d be like that forever. What a relief. My body cooperated and bounced back!

My brain is not so fuzzy, foggy, and slow anymore. I was looking over my Indeed resume recently that I’d updated in early July and noticed mistakes I’d made. My most recent jobs were dated incorrectly with future dates, omg, Idk how that happened, COVID long hauler brain, lol.

I’m so ready to get my fully functioning life back, well that won’t happen all the way until we’re in the clear with this pandemic. But that’s okay, I’ve got plenty to do right here!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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