Lucky Me

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I was taking a rest all nestled in the plush futon when I saw the streak of pink cloud and I had to take a pic. Beautiful sunsets with an ethereal glow are irresistible. It’s my favorite time of day. I don’t shut the blinds until it’s dark, where I’m certain not to miss any gradation painting the sky as the night descends, making way for the moon glow and star shine.

I didn’t read the news this morning as I usually do. I think I’ll make that into a habit from here on out. I can read it in the afternoon only and that’s it. It will make my day lighter with fewer doses of doom and gloom from the media. That’s sufficient to stay informed and it will be better for my mental health.

I got to take a walk again today. It was gorgeous out. I have deprived my skin of sunshine; it felt so toasty and healing against my forearms. I covered my head with a red baseball cap, my face engulfed with sunglasses and a heathered navy cloth mask, my hair tamed with a braided ponytail nestled between my shoulder blades streaming down to the end of my spine. My phone playing a book at 2.5 speed in my pocket tethered to earbuds competing for space amidst the mask loops and the turquoise-hued arms of the sunglasses. Theparched ground was crunchy beneath my feet. I trod carefully on the lookout for sunbathing snakes while marveling at the golden glow and the long shadows being cast.

The best part is when I reach the top of the hill and can see the city skyscrapers way in the distance. Then I turn around and look back at the mountains, some peeking out above others. I always wonder how it would be if I could fly over like a falcon and see what’s on the other side of the mountains. Then I drink in the colorful display of trees showing off their autumn leaves. I walk further on the hilltop along the dusty dirt trail edged with brown dry flat-topped straw grass.

My eye catches on the small stones people have arranged in stacks. I think how the kids must have so much fun in this giant playground. The wind picks up as I trot back down the hillside. The sun is huge and bright above the mountains. I try to capture the sparkling landscape in a photo, but the sun is too overpowering. I grin at how it’s like skipping going down the hill, so light and speedy it makes me giddy.

No bunnies today. I miss the grasshoppers, they’re gone now. I am curious and will google their life cycle at first chance, if I remember to, heh. There were sweet little birds and doves, though flitting and singing. I slow down and look for them in the trees while trying to be inconspicuous, because I don’t want to startle them. I catch glances and smile at their playful flights and skips through the tree branches. I then spy a lone grey dove basking in the sun way at the top of a dead limbed tree. I thought how it’s probably feeling like it’s the king of the world perched up there, lol.

On the last stretch towards home, I scan the slope for bunnies and wildflowers. The purple thistles are so fascinating with their spikes akimbo. They dry into brown menacing sculptures and I have to get pics of them too. There are so many puffs in the field that get illuminated in the sunset, so dazzling, floating like fluffy bubbles in the sea of brown. I try to capture it in photos, but it doesn’t translate, so I etch it into me so I can revisit it. Maybe I can paint it one day. That would be nice.

I’m almost home. The sun’s behind the mountains. I remove my shades and hang them on the V of my shirt, careful not to dislodge the earbuds. I think about how this book I’m listening to has some shady suggestions and frown. Then I note that there was also valuable information that I wasn’t aware of, so that reassured me there was some value in listening to it then. I stop at the edge of the parking lot as the mail truck whizzes by, about to deliver, so I don’t check the mail yet.

The first thing I do when I get inside is remove one earbud, then a mask loop, then put the earbud back in, then repeat on the other side so I can continue listening as I throw the mask in the laundry, remove my shoes, put my cap up and then go into the kitchen where I place my keys, sunglasses and get a sip of abandoned tea. I stand for a few minutes and cool off while feeling thankful I went for a luxurious nature walk. My eyes roam to the window and I breathe deeply while still appreciating the view, so thankful for it all. I get to do this again tomorrow. How wonderful. Lucky me.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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