The Logical Heart Knows Best

Boy, I’m gonna sleep well tonight! We went on a two and a half hour hike in the foothills right near here. The area we hiked up to was so quiet with stunning views. We were lured to go further to see what was around the next bend and then the next one until finally we had to turn back before it got dark. On the way back those inclines are more difficult to climb too, lol.

The air quality miraculously held out all day despite the new fire that ignited yesterday near Boulder. The other nearest fire after that is near Fort Collins. I’m so relieved the California wildfires are getting more contained.

Tonight’s post will be a quickie. I really need a bath and it’s getting late and I still want to draw and do a PT exercise. I made a short video today right after we got back from the hike. Here it is.

I am taking a video marketing course online and will be incorporating what I learn over the upcoming weeks. I decided to commit to making a video every day so I’d quit procrastinating already. This will give me much needed practice and maybe the information I share will help someone. If I’m serious about building a heart aligned business I will keep taking action until it’s up and running. I don’t have to be perfect, part of the process is being a beginner, and then over time with a lot of trial and error and practice, you get better and better. So this is me practicing and hopefully getting better while also sharing and helping, that’s my goal.

I am so extremely thankful that my health is improving and I have the energy to dance, take long hikes, make videos, bake, and play guitar. I have energy to spare now, it feels so amazing! I only had to put up with the crushing fatigue and post-viral syndrome for seven months. Some people live with it for years or for the rest of their lives. And people don’t believe them and say it’s all in their heads, how frustrating and devastating it must be.

We finished watching The Vow and now we’re watching Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. It’s fascinating. I’m going to watch Wild Wild Country soon too. How can all of this manipulation continue to happen? How do the charismatic leaders manage to so adeptly gain such power and control over so many and are they aware of what they are doing? Or do they believe they are actually helping the people they are manipulating? Are they diabolical, mastermind sociopaths? It’s so astonishing and unbelievable.

I see some of the mindsets and methods of changing the thought patterns in personal development, self-help, new age, and positive thinking teachings. What a slippery slope it can be as seen in what happened with NXIVM. And now it’s happening with all of the cultish conspiracy theories like QAnon. I plan on reading books written by cult experts because I want to know more about why this continues to happen. I want to know more about the warning signs to look out for and how to deal with people who have been brainwashed.

Ew I feel so grody, I need a bath very badly, I’m stinking myself out, lmao. So I will be back here tomorrow rambling on about who knows what, heh. ‘Night.

Michelle Miyagi

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