Happy Barfday To Me

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Moan, squeak, profanity, omg my stomach hurts, I’m so achy, I can’t get up, so weak, cold clammy chills and my face feels like it’s on fire, what is this? Uh oh, stumble stooped over like a zombie to the bathroom. God, I hate barfing. I was up most of the night, trying to sleep, but I tossed, turned, moaned and squeaked because it hurt! I stayed in bed all day trying to sleep the stomach bug off. I got some more solid sleep this evening. I’m doing this short blog post and then back in bed I go. I hope I feel better tomorrow. What a way to spend my birthday, lol. I didn’t do my other portions of my daily routine, but honestly I couldn’t. I’m barely able to type this. But I did, yay!. Back to bed I go.

Michelle Miyagi

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