Sorry, Hydralyte is Grody

The Logical Heart Knows Best

In the light of day I saw that I was not drinking Pedialyte, but Hydralyte. I think it’s safe to say that they both taste grody though! I slept until about 230 pm I’d spent the day drenched in a cold clammy sweat and had to change my clothes three times. I guess the Tylenol broke the fever. All of these things the body does to kill off microscopic invaders to keep us alive.

I curled up back in bed after that and tried in vain to sleep some more. I felt too yucky to be up and about so I stayed in the darkness with more random thoughts about past situations that were kinda creepy-crawly, sad and reminded me of death and decay. Then I’d begin to see those patterns behind my eyelids, phosphenes that made me feel like I was in a really trippy part of a David Lynch movie. It doesn’t help that I hear noises all the time that are like sounds in his movies due to tinnitus, lol.

I’d been sipping on Hydralyte and water because earlier I had a small episode of shaking, though it was mild compared to yesterday. I eventually resolved to get up and eat something. My stomach felt raw and hollowed out, I could stand straighter today though. I hobbled out into the kitchen area and the light seemed off, harsh, sharp like there was an Instagram filter. I squinted and creaked like a deflated bag of bones unbathed zombie.

I managed to section the veggie stew I’d made earlier in the week into more portions to freeze, fit it in the freezer having to rearrange everything, smiled in my mind at the big box of popsicles, and then warmed up a bowl of stew with rice noodles and took it to the table to eat.

Drue sat across from me being encouraging and cheery. I didn’t have the energy to talk and had to sit cross-legged and lean on the table to eat. I felt like a sick, feral animal being doted over by a kindly human. I noticed every speck of debris on the tablecloth, it was mostly droppings from my charcoal pencils when I draw. I wondered if being dehydrated changes your vision or if being in the darkness and sleeping for days does too?

I held it down but felt bleh and queasy, so brushed my teeth and got back in bed. I’ve kept brushing my teeth regularly because my mouth has been so dry and filmy. After a few hours in the dark, I decided to try for a bath. I did it, so good to have that sticky film removed from me. I made sure to keep the water temperature on the cooler side so I wouldn’t faint or anything.

Then back to bed, I was worn out and out of breath after the bath, plus I scrubbed the toilet. Don’t want the cooties to get Drue too. I lay in the dark with my eyes closed enjoying the free David Lynch show then decided to eat again. This time a bagel which seemed like it took me a long time to eat because my mouth was so dry and I had to chew a lot. I dutifully swallowed it down with gross orange-flavored Hydralyte, then brushed my teeth and back to bed. I curled up and had a nice nap with uplifting dreams of a carnival, playful, dancing, and singing nature.

Then I woke up and it was time to blog, Drue popped his head in to check on me and I asked what time it was, I said time to blog, but in five more minutes. He laughed and said he hadn’t heard that in a long time, that I was going old school.

Maybe my body got me into an altered state so I wouldn’t have to endure the anxiety of these days leading up to the election? Looks like I’ll be feeling better just in time to see the first results come in. Hoping for the best.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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