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I had fun sharing some holiday cheer with friends online. Each day this month we’re sharing holiday or wintery themes, we’re each assigned a day. It’s been a great way to feel connected and in the holiday spirit. Tomorrow is my day, but I put it up tonight, it’s hidden under a link you aren’t supposed to click until it’s after midnight.

I enjoyed looking up things to share. I love having all this information at my fingertips. Some things I couldn’t find because it was from before we had this technology and it wasn’t recorded. It’s in my memories though, and I can describe it.

I finished listening to two more books today and did double PT exercises. The days are passing more quickly than expected. I’ve been concentrating on the things I can do and being grateful, no pressure, just being and flowing.

I had forgotten they did a Star Wars Holiday Special. Omg, I found it when looking up holiday stuff to share. Maybe there’s a reason I forgot about it, lol. It looks like campy fun, though.

Maybe I’ll watch it for kicks one day. There is plenty of pandemic downtime indoors where I can choose to go back in time for an hour. Retro fun.

I was trying to recall the toys we wanted so badly on Christmas. I couldn’t remember what I wanted, only the things we played with. I loved art or craft sets and toys we could play with outdoors.

Why do we torture our children by making them take photos with Santa? I can’t help but laugh at the pics of terrified toddlers with the smiling Santas. Why do we continue when it’s so scary for the babes? We carry on some strange traditions.

I had our oldest take a few photos with Santa, but then I didn’t anymore. Maybe I wised up and decided I didn’t want to put the kids through the hassle, it wasn’t worth scaring them every year.

We were lucky that the kid’s elementary school began taking photos to raise money at the Halloween festival and we have good pics of them in their costumes. It’s so adorable. I was trying to recall what I dressed up as for Halloween each year and couldn’t remember. I wish I’d have kept a diary when growing up. I received some as gifts; you know, the ones with tiny locks and keys? I’d write a few entries, and that’s all.

So it’s nostalgic looking things up from the past online. Seeing long-forgotten places, buildings, clothing, toys, objects, and watching retro snippets on YouTube. Then it jogs the memory and the decades swim through my head, streaming the exuberance of a childhood long past.

Time for this old geezer to snuggle down for the night. Maybe I’ll dream about candy and toys.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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