Let it Snow

The Logical Heart Knows Best

I’ve only been outside to check the mail this past week besides our weekly grocery shopping trip. Tonight I bundled up, went out, down the stairs and there was a fresh layer of pristine snow. I hesitated to mar the surface with my footprints. I crunched through the complex as a dusting of snow flurried around me. I raised my jacket hood, thrust my hands in my pockets, fetched the mail, and marveled at the snow as I checked the mail.

The highlight of my day was Skyping with the kids. I’m so thankful they are well and we get to visit through technology. We are so grateful for all our modern creature comforts and were feeling fortunate that we’ve made so much progress since the last pandemic in 1918.

I was thinking about how the inability to engage in our usual distractions has possibly caused many people to face themselves and reflect upon who they really are and what’s most important to them. In times like these, we ask, what’s it all for? What does it all mean? Am I living in a way that is purposeful, true, satisfying, and joyful? What do I really value and how can I be and live in such a way that is in alignment with my values and also serves the greater good? It’s a time of deep questioning and re-evaluation, an opportunity to make different choices and implement changes. It’s a chance to do better.

When I don’t know exactly what to do next, I just begin by taking small steps, just trying different approaches, experimenting until a path opens up. Each action builds confidence and momentum until there’s a flow towards a better destination.

For example, I’m reading books and learning skills from online courses and sites. I try different activities to see what fits. When I have health issues, I keep making healthy changes and seek professional treatment as well. I know that I have the most power and agency over myself and my well-being, so I take responsibility and persist in improving my life. I make the best of whatever situation I am in by reflecting, going within, and listening to my logical heart.

It is difficult to cope when there are things we wish to change when we’re making slow progress, or maybe it’s something beyond our power to change. That’s when it’s essential we find acceptance and let go of the things we can’t control. In these instances, I rely on meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality. I am not omnipotent, so it does me no good to worry about those things that are not within my control, like the what-ifs. When fearful thoughts intrude, I remember to breathe deeply and stay present in the here and now. I focus on everything I can appreciate and I find all that I am grateful for. It brings me back home to what’s true.

When I think this pandemic is dragging on forever, I stop myself and give thanks I am alive, that we are all safe and well. Then I give myself a pep talk. I remember that I’ve made it through many tough situations and I can do this too. We can keep following the precautions, be responsible, and do the best that we can. We’ve got so many modern advantages, we can do this. Being responsible can help us get through this.

When I’m feeling bratty and cooped up, I try to imagine how it must have been back in 1918. That sobers me, and my petulance instantly deflates. I then count all the technology at my fingertips that can help me pass the time. I realize I am likely a spoiled brat, heh.

We persevere and we do the best we can until we make it to the other side. We’ve done it again and again. On this wild ride called life, we hang on and help one another. The universe takes care of the rest while we do our best.

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. Let's chat. Book a free call with me here. https://calendly.com/30-min-session/meeting

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